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Eons ago Many myths were told, some people believed in them, and others did not. There was one myth told that many people thought it was true and some went looking to find actual proof. This Myth was of the Greek gods the twelve Olympians to be precise. These gods resided on Mount Olympus and watched over all of their people. Three of the Olympians decided that they were going to divide their kingdoms. Zeus the King of the twelve Olympians won the right of the heavens and Mount Olympus itself. Poseidon the brother of Zeus won the right of the seas and the water. The third of the brothers won the right of the Underworld and this god was Hades. Hades was considered as an outcast to the rest of the Olympians so he took refuge in the Underworld and dwelled their for all eternity. The rest of the gods stayed on Mount Olympus, these gods were Zeus the King of the heavens he was the god of lightning. Zeus had a Wife named Hera who was also his sister she was the god of Marriage and Womanhood. Another of Zeus’s sisters was Hestia the goddess of Harvest and Season. Poseidon the brother of Zeus and the next powerful was the Lord of the seas and god of destruction which he caused with his trusty Trident. Hermes was the messenger of the gods he delivered all of Zeus’s messages to wherever they needed to be, Hermes was considered as an angel as he had winged feet. Aphrodite was considered the most beautiful of all the gods as she was the goddess of love and beauty. Apollo was the god of healing and Music he usually calmed the rest of the gods. Artemis Apollo’s twin sister was the god of Archery and Hunt. Ares was the most destructive of all the gods he was the god of War. Athena was the goddess of wisdom and strategy.   Hephaestus  was the god of fire and rage. And last but not least was Hades the god of the underworld. With the three brothers ruling the three parts of the world their was one part that they did not rule over, and this was the land. Once Zeus became aware that Hades was going to try and take over the mortals part of the world he decided to start a plan. Zeus told the Olympians that they were to mate with a mortal and conceive a demigod so they could protect the land. Zeus also told them that only five of the demigods would fulfil there destiny into protecting the land. Many of the gods were confused by this statement but Zeus explained that only five of them would be powerful enough to take the call of protecting their world. Zeus also said that when the demigods were old enough they would answer their true call. And now it was time……………………………… … … ……………………………… … … 

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Skandar Keynesas Harry Porter (Hermes)
Ariana Grande as Ariana Gold (Aphrodite)
Avan Jogiaas Danii Fox (Apollo)
Jennifer Lawrenceas Keira Knight (Artemis)
Lucas Tillas Cole Stevens (Posedion)

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