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Elemental Children


I had the same treatment of stalking eyes at Miss Tamara's class, though they did not burned me the way they did earlier because Brittani is now beside me. We were outside sitting under the shade of the trees while Miss Tamara babbled on something about infusing weapons with wind. I absently stared at her, nodding robotically just to make it seem like I'm listening. It wasn't until she called my name and everybody turned to me (which was something I'm used to) that I reeled into focus.

"What was that again?" I asked.

Laughter broke all around me. Miss Tamara gave me a frustrated look and was about to open her mouth when Brittani stood up.

"God. I forgot about that. Can I steal Kate for a while? She hasn't picked a weapon yet."

"You have ten minutes. If I ever caught you-"

Brittani grabbed my arm and dragged me before I could even stand up, my butt painfully sliding across the lawn.


"Where are we going?" I asked, suddenly feeling the dozen pairs of eyes buried in my back.

"The armory," She said. "We need to choose a weapon for you."

"Why? So I could go and kill Lauren?"

"When did you started hating on Lauren so much?"

"Uh. Since last night? Tell me where she is. I'll do it myself."

"Kate, that's not funny. People might think you're serious." She warned.

"Oh. I am serious"

Brittani and I walked until the cluster of kids behind us were out of sight. How do you talk to your bestfriend who has super powers? I thought.

"It was you all along, wasn't it?" I asked her.

"Me all along what?"

"You blew the wind under slutty Sophie's skirt when we were in 7th grade. That was mean, everybody saw her undies." I said.

"She deserved it. And besides what kind of girl wears Spongebob-printed panties?"

"Figures," I said. "Brittani, can I ask you something?"

"Kate, If this is about us getting boobie transplants then no. I like to stay au-naturale"

"No," I shook my head. "When we were fighting the monsters last night, didn't anyone saw them aside from us? I mean it's New York. Somebody must have seen them."

"There's this thing called Glamour-"

"Really, Fashion again? Did you even hear me?"

"Glamour. G-L-A-M-O-U-R not Glamor. It's like a spell that is engineered to bend mortal vision into seeing something else aside from the elemental world." She explained.

"Like an illusion," I guessed.

"Yup. The Glamour masks whatever unexplainable things they might see. For instance, if there is a Cragger running around Manhattan, the Glamour will translate it as a normal person unless it does something chaotic."

We followed a cemented pathway that led to a small building painted in white. It was surrounded with an array of training materials. Some I recognize are stuffed dummies, an archery range and an impossibly huge block of pure iron both ten feet in height and width.

"What do you need that for?" I pointed to the cube of metal.

"Go figure."

We reached the entrance of the armory which was just an ordinary double-door made of glass. Brittani pushed it open as she greeted a guy wearing spectacles that just left, he also greeted me and I nodded at him.

"That's Max. His wind power is wicked although weapons and fighting are not his strong-suit. Wonder what he's doing here."

Once we got inside, I immediately felt like a medieval Nikita. Swords of different shapes and sizes hung on one side of the wall. They were arranged according to the material they were made of, from bronze to silver to gold, I even found a steel blade that was studded with different colored gems all over it. The wall to the right of the room had an array of bows and arrows pinned on it. Not much variation on the bows, just a few cross-bows and regular ones with different designs. The real deal were the arrows, each was unique with a silver plate below them. I spotted a clear transparent arrow that had a green mist swirling inside it, the label read: Poison arrow. I kept looking through them, wincing as I go along while imagining the deadly effect of the ammo. Electric, explosive, acid arrow, paralyzing - Ugh. Stop, I told myself.

"Who use these?" I asked.

"No one. They are just for display. The school doesn't issue them to trainees."

We barreled down a hallway lined with transparent doors like the one on the entrance. I saw more kids sparring with each other inside the rooms. The corridor ended on a doorway that led to a circular room the size of a gym with a dome ceiling. The sound of swords clashing against each other echoed throughout the place. I recognized one of the two swordsman. He looked the same as he had last night but looking at him now while performing a swordplay made me cringe away from him. Eric wielded the sword with incredible speed. His strokes were accurately piercing through the holes in the enemy's defense. And with one kick and a thrust, the other guy was defeated.

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Chapter 5: Weapon of Choice


Kaya Scodelarioas Katherine "Kate" Hale
Candice Accolaas Brittani Goldstein
Logan Lermanas Daniel Hawthorne
Troian Avery Bellisarioas Lauren Wagnall

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