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Superhero <3 Jacob Latimore, Mindless Behavior, and OMG Girlz story


{Murie's P.O.V.}

I was glad to be Prodigy's lady. After our "little" make-out session we went into the living room with everyone else.

Diggy: Murie!!! Sister I haven't talked too you since the day Prod spilled that drink on you!

Murie: Diggy!! Ahhhh, I missed you like this much *puts my arms out as far as they can go*

Prodigy: Come here bae.

Jacob,Diggy: BAE!?!?!?!

Murie: Yea we datin' so he can call me that.

Jacob: When did y'all start dating?

Prodigy: Uhh about 5 minutes ago ...

They both Kanye shrugged and kept goin on with their business.

???: Well since nobody is gon introduce us, Im Tk

The dark skined one said.

???: And Im Cash

The light skined one said.

They both seemed coo so I went and laid across them.

Murie: Well my name is Murie if you don't know and I am Jacob and Zonnique's little sister.

Tk: You, Nique, and Jacob are related?

Jacob,Murie: Well....

Jacob: Me and Murie have the same dad

Murie: Me and Zonnique have the same mom. So im basically related to both of them, and they are related through me.

Cash: Dats wassuh

Prodigy,Murie: IM HUNGRY!!!!

Everybody else: Fat!

I looked around and noticed we were missing someone. Prod, here. Jacob, here. Tk, here. Diggy, here. Cash, here. Ray, missing.

Murie: Where is Ray?

Everyone: I don't know

Murie: Smh, watch this. HEY GUYS I HAVE TACO'S. DO YOU WANT ANY?

Sure enough I heard Ray's loud self coming down the hallway.

Ray: We have taco's. Where are the taco's. I want taco's.

Prodigy: Dude we don't have any taco's!

After helping Ray with his taco withdrawl, we all went in the living room and just talked. Our first show wasn't until 2 days but we all left early. After about 3 hours with chilling with my bus fam I went to take a shower and changed into my pajamas. I put on a plain red crop top with some white shorts. I put my hair up into a messy bun and went back into my room. I laid on my bed and posted a picture on instagram I was laying down with some duck lips. The caption said: Laying in bed! Tired after chilling with my crazy tour bus fam! I kept getting comments like 'OMG who are you on a tour bus with' and all that, so I went into the living room one more time and took a crazy picture with everybody. I put it on instagram and the girls were going crazy!

I said goodnight to everyone and went back to my room. I laid in bed and started writing a song. I got my computer out and made a beat. Soon after I had made the song beat and added the words to it. I titled it 'Restraint' (Yall got imaginations so pretend I make up the songs dat I sing an stuff, lol) I was goint to ask Prod if he wanted too sing the other part because I needed a guy, but that would have to wait until later. I couldn't sleep so I called Prod in the room.

Prodigy: Yes baby?

Murie: I can't sleep.

Prodigy: Aww scoot over.

Before he got in the bed he took off his shirt so he just had on basketball shorts. I couldn't help myself, it was like my eyes were just stuck to him. I was mesmerized! I mean damn his body is just like oh shit fuck damn!

Prodigy: You like what you see?

Murie:*in a daze* Mhmm

He got in the bed with me and I finally snapped out of my daze.

Murie: Damn babe I was just like daydreaming.

Prodigy: I know, you was just thinkin bout ALLLLL this sexiness.

Murie: Hahahahahaha dont get cocky now.

I decided I wanted to play a litlle game so I sat on Prod and wrapped my legs around his waist. He wrapped his arms around my waist while I bent over to kiss him. I felt him smile under the kiss so I went down to his neck and started kissin on his collarbone. He let out a soft moan in my ear which turned me on. I started to move my hips alittle and every now and then I would hear him say somethin, Im not sure what he said but it sounded sexy as hell. I felt him getting happy so I got off him and laid next to him.

Prodigy: What the hell! Ohh you little tease!

Soon enough he was on top of me. Everything was happening so fast first we was kissing, then he moved his way down to my neck. He started sucking on my neck which caused me too moan. Hey what can I say its a weak spot. Next thing I know my shirt was being taken off and my shorts were on the ground along with his. That left me in my bra and underwear and him in his boxers. He started kissing down my stomach until he got right above my area. Then he looked at me, smirked, and laid down.

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