Chocolate Umbrella

Dedicated to
Ivan Yuen

To all my fans and future-fans,

Having read so many stories on Wattpad, I decide to join you all, and write a story.

The story line has been brewing for quite some time now and I would like to give it a try in writing it.

It is not my inspiration to get my works published, like some of you do. I enjoy what I am doing in Wattpad. I just want to taste the fun you guys are having in sharing what we write.  So, I hope you will have fun reading the story. 

I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts about this story.

Thank you for spending your precious time to read it.


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Foreword - Chocolate Umbrella


Jinglei Xuas Alena
Jinhee Jias Emile
Jay Chouas Conrad
Deanie Ipas Rhonda (Emile's Mother)
Damian Lauas Mark (Emile's Father)
Josephine Siaoas Helen (Alena's Mother)
Glenn B. Stoopsas Marcus (E's Boss)
Charles Martin Smithas Ryan (E's Boss)
George Clooneyas Brian Cohen (E's Investor)
Bo Hopkinsas John (A's Biz Partner)
Renee Montemayoras Julie (Nanny)
Steve Carellas Mason (Emile's Colleageu)
Dustin Hoffmanas Ben (Alena's ex-boss)

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