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My Twisted Wattpad Love Story

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“We can make the project on Spongebob! That would be totally awesome” Jason grinned at me. Ugh, this guy is totally crazy.


It’s not that I don’t like Spongebob, but I really doubt that Mrs. Burns will accept our project.


And let me tell you, this wasn’t the first lame idea Jason has suggested. First, he insisted on making the project on Harry Potter.


Then came Barney and friends. He is such a child.


“For the last time, we’re not in kindergarten!” I shouted which made him frown. “But we’re not 50 either” He said.


I sighed. This guy is impossible.


“How about we make a project on a more sensible topic? Which would suit a teenager?” I asked.


He pouted” But Harry Potter is for teenagers!”


“I mean something which is real!” Jason was getting on my nerves now. Why does he make everything so difficult?


Why can’t he let me take the lead and shut up?


“Harry Potter is real!” He shouted. I rolled my eyes. “Alright, he is real. But we are not making a project on him.” I said, my voice ringing with finality.


He finally gave up. Thank God for that.




“Thank you. Now, we’ve to make a project on something realistic and good. Something interesting” I said.


“Good, interesting, realistic? We would have to search for our whole life then” Jason sighed. Ugh! Why is he my project partner!


Wait. Did he say life? Oh my god, yes. “We could make a project on life!” I stated.


Yes, I was ecstatic. I finally found a good topic. Yay! I was so happy that I hugged him. And he hugged me back.


I felt so small against his muscular and tall structure. It made me feel safe and protected.


We remained in that position until Mom came inside my room “There’s someone- oh! I’m sorry”


My cheeks turned red. Shit “It’s not what it looks like. So, uh, what were you saying?” I asked, changing the topic.


“There’ someone at the door for you” She said, giving me a knowing smile. Oh, no. Now she’ll think that there’s something between me and Jason.


I glared at her when Jason wasn’t seeing and hopped downstairs.


Jeremy? What is he doing here?


“You?” I asked. Yes, I was shocked. But what would you do when someone who has barely talked to you before shows up at your door?


“Yes, me. I brought chocolate muffins for you” He grinned at me.


“Um, But why?” I said each word slowly. “Because I’m your friend” He winked at me. What the hell?


It took me a little while to realize what he was trying to do. He was flirting with me. “Okay” I simply said. That’s when Jason entered the scene “Jeremy?”


“Why don’t you invite him inside, honey?” My mom said. Ugh! I didn’t want to invite him inside.


“Sure. Come in, Jeremy” I said, gritting my teeth. “Nice house, Mrs. Hart” He complimented.


“Thank you, dear! You can call me Alice” She said, waving her hand. “Alright, Alice. So are you two busy?” He asked us.


I was about to say yes, when Jason interrupted “We are, But you may join us”


Huh? What was he doing?


Jeremy happily agreed and we went upstairs and continued our discussion. Well, we tried but we couldn’t.


Jason started calling me babe or baby or whatever and I couldn’t do anything. I had to got along the PDA even though I didn’t like it.

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