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Mindless Behavior Love Story 2012 !


Mindless Behavior Love Story

Getting ready for rehearsal

Georgia- man yall take forever to get ready to rehearse

Alandra- well I always have to look good

Georgia- anyways is yall ready or what

ALL- yes

The music starts and we start to dance. Ne’Aiyra does the two pounder and falls. Alandra runs and pauses the music.

Alandra- how did you fall? We can’t put this video on you tube if you don’t know how to watch were you are stepping.

Chanel- Im with alandra. We need to get our stuff together. The auditions are in 3 days. We need to put in work

Nene- im sorry ok. Georgia was all up on my feet

Gege- umm no why is you even trying to lie

They all start arguing and alandra yells



Landra starts the music and they finish rehearsal

Nene- ugh im so hungry

Chanel- lets go get some food.

Gege- im feelin it

We all leave to go find some food. So we are walking down the streets of south central LA

Gege- Man it’s so nice today.

ALL- I know right

Gege’s POV

So we are walking down the street trying to find some place to eat then all of a sudden someone bumps into me. I am so pissed I don’t even bother looking up to see who it is I just started yelling in their face

Me- are you serious. You act like you can’t watch were you are going. Why do you think god gave you eyes? I-

I stop mid- sentence and look up. I notice that ray ray from mindless behavior is standing in front of me… I was so speechless I didn’t know what to say.

Ray ray- oh my gosh im so sorry

Me- oh my gosh. Your ray ray from mindless behavior

Alandra- um I think he knows that Georgia

Ray ray- are you ok

I stood there in silence just staring in his beautiful eyes

Chanel- umm hello earth to Georgia. Say something girl

Me- ooh im sorry I bumped into you. I should have been watching were I was going

Ray ray- naw its ok it’s my fault

The rest of mindless behavior walks up behind ray ray.

Prodigy- yo we need (stops in mid sentence) whoa who are these beautiful ladies right here.

Roc royal- yea who are they

Ray ray- um yea im sorry I forgot to catch you guy’s name. And you are

Me- im Georgia

Ne’Aiyra- and im Ne’Aiyra

Prodigy- wow that’s a really pretty and unique name Ne’Aiyra

Nene- (blushing) thnx

Princeton- and you are (he says kissing alandras hand)

Landra- im alandra

Roc royal- and you must be Chanel

Chanel- how did you know?

Roc- umm it says it on your shirt

Chanel- ohh yea I forgot

Ray ray- so um it was nice meeting you guys but like prodigy was saying before he got distracted

Prod- ohh yea im sorry

Ray ray- yea so we have to go but hopefully we will see you pretty ladies soon

All- okay

We all went our separate ways. Me and the girls decided to go and eat at the carnaubas


Me and the guys started to walk away from the girls we had just met

Prod- man did you see the way nene had on them red skinny jeans. She got mad style. Just the way I like em

Prince- Naw man did you see landra. Man I gotta make her my girl

Roc- Chanel is so beautiful. She seems like a nice girl I gotta get her number

Prod- so ray ray which one do you like

Me- I like gege. She seems really smart and confident. I want to get to know her better


Prod- is this the Mr. Player. The one who wants to get into every girl pants on the first day he sees them?

Prince- yea im with prod. I mean Im gonna try to get to know landra better but. Dang she got a body on her.

Roc- yall is just nasty. There is more than just sex in a relationship


Roc- what you know im right

Me- what ever

We continue to walk until we get to the restaurant

We get to the restaurant and we see the girls we just met.

Roc- aye aren’t those the girls we just met a couple minutes ago.

Prod- yea im gonna go and talk to nene

Prince- yea imma go and get landras number

Roc- me too

They all start walking towards the girls

Chanel POV

Me- omg roc royal is walking towards me

We all turn to to see mindless behavior walking towards our table

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