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He Was a Skater Boy


Hello you wonderful people who remain faithful to this story despite how awful I am at updating it regularly.  I just want to start off by apologizing for again taking forever to upload :/  I'm sorry.

Also, this isn't the longest chapter.  I'm sorry for that, too.  But I'm risking failing my exams tomorrow for it, so I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Let me know you think by leaving comments below!  I think by now you all know how much I love that..  I say it at the beginning of every chapter I post for every story! (:

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Song of the Day: On My Mind by Cody Simpson (old song, I know. but it's so cute ^^)


|Arikka Heart|

                My mother had fallen asleep shortly after she stopped puking.  Justin and I retired to my bedroom upstairs, every so often checking on the sick woman downstairs.  Every time I laid eyes on her pale face, which has never actually stopped sweating, my heart lurched.  I wanted nothing more than to call a doctor, but I kept getting distracted.

                It wasn’t my fault; the effect Justin had on me was unreal.

                “I’m worried about her,” I murmured at one point, playing with a stray string on the hem of my shirt.  “I feel like I’m passing this off as nothing when it’s really so much worse than we know.”

                Justin stared at me from his spot on Erin’s bed.  I stayed on my own, being the faithful girlfriend I should be.  Despite my crazy desires, I needed to keep my hands to myself.

                However, I wished Justin wouldn’t.

                “I think you’re worrying too much,” he said eventually.  “Your mom can take care of herself; if she’s that sick, she’d call a doctor herself.”

                I bit my bottom lip, wishing I could believe him.  “My mom just isn’t like that, though.  She’s stubborn.”

                “Like you?”

                “I’m not that stubborn.”

                A small smile painted itself onto the face I wish I could look at all day.  “Point proven.”

                Rolling my eyes, I rested my head back onto my headboard.  “I’m sorry you’re wasting your day here.  Bet it’s not as fun as you thought it’d be.”

                “I’m not wasting my day at all.  Remember, this was sort of the norm for us at one point?”

                At that moment, my mind was thrown back three years to all the countless days and nights I’d spend at his house.  We could do absolutely nothing, but it was enough for us.  Being together; that’s all we needed, no matter what we were doing.

                My smile disappeared, a small frown replacing it.  Did he miss that at all?  I stared at my fingers, my class ring looking oddly bulky on the fourth finger of my right hand.  I couldn’t understand how, after all those moments shared, all the feelings and emotions – the bond we had that I was positive could never be broken – he didn’t feel what I was feeling right now.  Longing, sadness, regret, guilt..

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Justin Bieber as himself
Alexandra Chandoas Arikka Heart
Chaz Somersas himself
Ryan Butleras himelf
Christian Beadlesas himself
Dylan O'Brienas Will Carter
Willa Hollandas Erin Heart
Demi Mooreas Casey Heart

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