Ruth Brown

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This made me laugh spontaineously. And this turned the babyish face of Stella into an angry one. She uttered words like a complaining child,' Peter! look how she laughs on me. She she loves to mock at me. why don't you say anything?'


'Ruth! why are you laughing?' my father asked.


'Pappa I was not laughing at her. But once at this place miss Hubert told me a hilarious joke which rendered me to laugh spontaineously,' I lied.


He smiled and looked satisfied.'See, she's not a bad girl. Don't jump to conclusions Stella,' he said  polietly.


'Because of her royal highness we were unable to eat our vittles,' she said in an irritated tone and begun to eat.


My father remained quiet and then started to eat his dinner. And I also sat on my seat and begun to eat. I just wanted to go to my bedroom so when I was finished I almost ran upstairs.




Why Stella hates me so much? What did I do to her? Why is she so spiteful?Why is she always making scornful faces when I am in front of her? Why? My head was in my hands and tears were trickling down my face.


I got up from my bed and came to the dressing table. I picked up the picture of my parents and came back to my bed.'Mamma (I wept) mamma! I wish you were here. Then there would have been no Stella to hate me. Or I wish that you would also have taken me with you. Why did you leave me? Why?What did I do?Why didn't you take me with you?Why did you leave me here alone in this selfish world? Why?'


I cried and cried. I slept late. The sunrays were hurting my eyes and this made me open them. I got up from the bed and went to get fresh. I came downstairs and again I was late. I was greeted with a smile from my father and a scornful look on Stella's face as I entered in the dining hall.


'Stella do you know that Ruth is a very good girl. She can also serve tea nicely to every one. Ryth dear why don't you serve tea?' he asked.


I nodded and got up from my seat. 'We'll see,' Stella replied. Was she up to something? I didnot not know what. I carefully served tea to my father and I was also successful in pouring tea carefully in Stella's cup. But Stella's tumb which was in the handle of the cup shook and the tea spilled on her frock. My father didn't see this and was silently drinkind his tea when Stella exclaimed.


'See Peter she is so efficient that she spilled the tea on my frock. She hates me Peter and is always there to hurt me because I am her stepmother. You are such a horrid girl and I know that you did it willingly,and she left crying. My mouth feel open.


'Stella! Stella! it was only a mistake. Stella!' my father also left after her. And I stood there, infuriated and irritated. I came upstairs and sat on the bed, angry.



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Chapter 4: Disasters.


Alex Pettyferas Edward Spencer
Dakota Blue Richardsas Ruth Brown
Matthew MacFadyenas Peter Brown
Michelle Ryanas Stella Brown/Knightley/Simon
Misha Handleyas Alexander Brown
Dame Judy Denchas Mrs Dashwood
Lily Collinsas Catherine
Michael Gambonas Mr Albert
Donald Sutherlandas Mr Churchill
Jim Sturgessas Victor Simon
Natalie Portmanas Anne Mary

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