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I'm Half Angel and Half Vampire?!


Hey Guys,

Sorry it took so LOOOOOONG. I just finished it and I had to make sure it was okay. Thanks for the comments and votes so far. I will upload on 'The Vampire Princess' I just can't find the book that has most the writing for it. Anyway as soon as it is typed up I will tell you.




Chapter 4-Family

After mucking about in the pool, I wandered off looking for clothes the guys could borrow. I wandered down the second floor looking at each door sign. All my friends had a room on this level, my Aunt Sarah had a room on the third with other empty rooms for my cousins and I had the top level. I quickly ran into John's room, pulling out a green shirt, dark blue jeans and trainers for Jamie, I then went to Damen's and grabbed a black t-shirt that had a flame design on, baggy jeans and flame flip flops to match the top. I then went to the closet on the third floor and grabbed a pair of shoes, jeans and a top all in different shades of blue for Shawn. I ran done stairs and out the back to see the guys walking around without their tops on trying to dry them. "Try no more, I BRING CLOTHES!" I shouted to them. They ran over to me then begging for there clothes, Jamie even got on his knees which made us laugh. I handed them the clothes and told them were they could change. They nodded, thanking me and gave me a peck on the check before running in to get changed. The girls all 'Oooooo'ed when they were upstairs and may face heated up. We started drying off then and just chatted. When the guys came back they looked really sexy in the clothes I picked out. It brought out there good features like Jamie's smile, or Kasper's eyes, or Shawn's muscles. They chuckled at our faces and we snapped out and hurried to my room to change. We got out off my room, the other girls went to their rooms and when Jane and Violet found out they had their own rooms here they were shocked. "So, they can stop here anytime because they have there stuff here and that?" Jane asked when we were in my closet, looking for clothes. "Yep, the guys also have their own rooms because off all the sleepovers and stuff, you know you two can have your own room too." I said smiling at them as I pulled out a pair out black skinnies. They dropped what they had in their hands and looked at me. "Are you serious?" They asked. I nodded my head, just then they rushed over and gave me a huge hug.

"Thank you, Thank you" They said over and over. "No problem, anyway I already think of you two as my sisters." I said. They smiled at me and said "We feel the same way." We finished getting changed then, I was in black skinnies that had the word 'Moonlight' in swirly letters across my butt and a black top that had a crescent moon and sliver flip flops. Ever was in a purple long sleeved top bit the sleeves had black stripes on and black jeans and my striped purple and black pumps. Jane was in this yellow skirt I never had wore and a yellow tank top that had butterflies in different colours on and gold sandal with colourful gems on. I listen for my friends, they were down stairs in the game room. "There in the game room." I told Violet. She nodded and finished her hair. After 10 minutes we were in the game room. It was full of games (Obviously) but also had a small area that was a bar and another flat screen with gadgets. The girls were in similar clothes to what they were wearing to school. They guys were around the pool table, placing bets and starting a game. I walked over to Zoe who was sitting on one of the bar stools looking over at the telly, were Beloved-From You was on. "Hey Zo-Zo, how are you?" I asked. "Fine, you?" She asked turning her attention to me. I nodded. We watch telly and talked more before I was thirsty. "Hey Shannon, can you make me that orange-red drink I love I'm thirsty." Zoe asked smiling at me. I chuckled. I and Zoe had never fallen out and we basically like the same things. "I need a drink to so sure." I said hopping over the counter. I searched for the ingredients and made Zoe one then mine.

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