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You got to be kidding me! (arrange marriage)

Dedicated to
those who follow their dreams


“God damn it, be careful with the freaking dress!” I screamed at the two guards that held me hostage, I had been so close, so close to running away.

“Is this how you treat everyone? Who told you to go after me? Wait don´t answer that, I know who it was, Adrian! I swear to god I´ll kill you, you idiot!” I screamed, not caring one single bit that the dinning room was really close and that about twenty vampires –with perfectly good hearing- where listening to this outcome. Screw them. Both of the guards suddenly dropped me to the floor and pushed me to the side of the corridor, they formed a barrier in front of me preventing me from running away again.  A growl slipped my lips.

 “Stupid, awfully quick vampires” I mumbled under my breath, both of the guards glared at me but didn´t say anything, I stumped my feet on the floor, how flipping frustrating. I thought.

- Did you really think you could get away? 

 - Of course I thought I had a chance at running away! I wouldn´t have tried it otherwise I growled in my mind, the voice laughed.

Great, the royal family is going to kill me for trying to run away and now I´m going nuts, as if my life wasn´t bad enough. I glared at the floor and waited for what was to come, after a few seconds the faint sound of a chair scrapping against the floor broke the silence.

 “I´ll be back in a minute” Adrian said from the other side of the door. Soon enough the door opened, and out he came. Of course it had to be the idiot of my fiancé that would come for me, I thought angrily.

 Adrian nodded at the two guards, they bowed their heads in unison towards Adrian showing respect, after he acknowledge this the guards moved so that they weren´t on his path towards me. Adrian was glaring at me, his mouth was set on a flat line and I could see that he was trying really hard to not turn his hands into fists.

Without a second to spear Adrian grabbed my hand roughly before I could react and pulled me towards him. It took all of myself control not to start screaming bloody murder in that instant, I guess my preservation instinct still worked.

 “Adrian let go” I whined. He didn´t do as told, instead he growled at me and his grips on me tighten preventing any sort of movement. I growled back and tried to slip my hand out of his, it was probably not a smart move but I didn´t give a damn, I was starting to see red.

We stepped out of the mansion, Adrian dragging me forcefully while I tried with all of my strength to stop him from doing so, it was a waste of time, but my pride didn´t stop me from trying. Adrian dragged me towards the middle of his mother´s garden, he was growling and muttering under his breath, he looked dangerous and enraged. 

How fun. I thought sarcastically.

We where alone, no one would hear us scream at each other here, that thought caused my heart to skip a beat, what if he tried to kill me? No one would know until it was already too late.

Adrian, oblivious to my thoughts let go of my hand and I moved a few feet away from him, i wanted to put a mile between him and me but I wasn´t stupid, if I tried to do that, our argument would be ten times worse. His hands wee clenched and he was trembling, to say he was mad would be an understatement.

He opened his mouth to start talking and I froze, his fangs had elongated, and his features where quickly turning to those of a monster.

Oh god. I thought glumly, why couldn´t I run faster? We could have avoided this if I had been quicker than those stupid guards, now I was going to face a horrible death and I didn´t even get to say goodbye. Flashes of that horrible red haired vampire appeared in my mind and I tried hard not to start hyperventilating, I unconsciously took another step back as I noticed that he was clenching and unclenching his fist trying to control himself but I could see he was losing his control. 

We stayed silent for a whole minute and then he couldn´t take it anymore. “Dominique what the fuck is wrong with you!” He screamed taking a step towards me.

 “Do you know how you made us look? No? You made us look like freaking shit Dominique! Why do you have to be such a bitch, only thinking about your fucking self?” He said coldly, I looked at him in the eye, they where darker than usual, was that even possible? I shivered but glared at him.

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