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Missing You (One Direction Fanfic)


Chapter 10

Am I dreaming this? Seriously I've been with this boy not even two days, why would he do this to me, I've gotta ask him when we're on our own otherwise it'll bug me and he said they'res more suprises to come, whats next a spaceship?

Finding my perfect room on the floor of my hotel wasn't hard, me and Lou were first on the floor and we had six rooms to choose from, I picked the one straight ahead from the lift and boy I couldnt even call it a room, it was like a house, on the edge of the hotel, it had three floors! Mine and Lou's bedroom oh my god, that bed was the size of two doubles put together, me and Lou would be miles away from each other! Two walk in closets, two bathrooms, a kitchen (not that I can even cook toast) a jacuzzi on the balcony, sun loungers, a bar, the list goes on.

Right Laur concentrate on unpacking,

“Lou, boobear, come in here and unpack with me!!”

Lou scooted in, big grin on his face,

“This is perfect, everything I wanted it to be and unpack? Laur dont be so silly, you own this hotel gorgeous, the maids will be up in a minute to unpack for us, we all have two maids per room, I was just looking at the menu for food, was gunna order some room service, all the others have gone exploring and Li and Dais are taking a nap, they have rooms like ours too, but theirs is just all spaced out on one floor, I've said that this room is never to be used other than me and you, so im getting our names engraved on the wall and a doorbell, we don't want to be on the top floor in the swimming pool and not be able to hear the doorbell.”

“Oh thats cool then, WOOW WAIT WAIT WAIT and with that I catapulted up the stairs to the top floor were I was met by turquiose sparkling water, sun loungers and a sauna, oh my god this a dream, LOUIS WHERE ARE YOU PINCH ME BRO.

Louis came up the stairs holding a bucket of ice with champagne in it and a picnic basket, he set it all down and he pulled two sunloungers to the edge of the balcony so we could look out onto the sunset, he popped open to champagne so see it go up and land in the pool with a plop!


We sat down and I broke the silence with,

“Lou, why me? You didn't know me until two days ago and now you already know im the one? I mean im so grateful for everything you've done here and back home, but how did you get your feelings for me so fast? This isn't a break-up speech it's a, what the hell speech?”

“I knew you'd ask this questions so I prepared my answer, I was flicking through OK magazine a couple months back and a picture you, Emma and Jack was their leaving the nightclub I met you in, the magazine said that you were a model and that you were a regular at this nightclub, I looked at the picture again instantly taking a liking to you and then looked at Emma and Jack, Jack's from Doncaster and I knew I recognised him from somewhere! Me and him went to school together! I found him on facebook and twitter and asked about you, he told me everything I needed to know and that you, him and Emma were going to a nightclub in London and asked if I wanted to come, obviously to meet a beautiful ladaaay like you, I wouldn't spoil my one chance, then when I met you, I instantly believed in the whole love at first sight thing and as soon as the boys met you, they agreed that we were perfect for each other, I knew you wouldn't fall in love with me instantly, but Im trying to do all this so you can get to know me properly, find the real Louis Tomlinson, no just the Louis who the media portray. Yes I am the bubbly, carrot loving, funny type, but I am caring, a romantic guy and can be deadly serious when it comes to relationships. I know money can't buy love, but this is just always something i've wanted to do, so I thought why not, why not share it with the girl of my dreams.”

what a sweetheart, his eyes glistened as he looked out to the horizon.

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Harry Stylesas Himself
Louis Tomlinsonas Himself
Niall Horanas Himself
Liam Payneas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
@BooBearsBearas Harry's Girlfriend
@LaurTomlinsonxas Louis Girlfriend
@_Liv1Das Niall's Girlfriend
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@OfficialSofia7as Zayn's Girlfriend
@Lilo_Luvin_as Lauren's Bestfriend Emma
Ed Sheeranas Jack, Emma's Boyfriend

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