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The Cheerleader And The Nerd


‘’Riley? Riles, wake up! C’mon, it’s time for school,’’ whined a female voice above me as I was shaken. Huh? I groaned once, and buried my face in my soft, soft pillows. I felt like I barely had a minute to sleep last night and my head was pounding. I’m sure I’d have a headache. ‘’Riles, please get up!’’

‘’Nooo….’’ I moaned, as I covered myself completely with my blanket.

‘’Oh please, now I know you’re awake for sure!’’ Kat said, and I could hear a hint of a grin in her voice.

‘’Kitty kat, please,’’ I murmured, already half-awake now. Great.

‘’Get up, Riles, I have to tell you all about last night!’’ she proclaimed, climbing over me and jumping up and down on the bed, making me bounce. I let a shaky giggle escape as I wobbled up and down but the killer headache just got worse.

I moaned and sat up, clutching my head in my hands to try to will the pain to go away. It didn’t. It just intensified.

‘’Riley, are you okay?’’ Kat asked, as she squatted in front of me.

‘’My head is killing me,’’ I told her, as I squeezed my eyes shut.

‘’I’ll go get you some painkillers!’’ she muttered, as she jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom. A few minutes later she was pressing 2 tablets in my hand and a glass of warm water in the other. ‘’Here you go,’’

I eagerly swallowed them down. ‘’Thank you,’’ I whispered, as I softly fell back, my head hitting the pillow as I closed my head. The pills were really helping; I could feel my headache receding already. That was quick, I thought, then again, good for me.

‘’What happened? Did you have something to drink last night?’’ Kat’s concerned voice asked me.

‘’Nah, but I did have a crying fest so that might have been why…’’ I trailed off as her eyes widened.

‘’Why? What happened?’’ she sat beside me and hugged her knees to her chest.

‘’Nothing, I j-just… took a stroll down memory lane,’’ I whispered softly and when she threw me a confused glance, I just chuckled and clarified. ‘’I was missing my mom’’

‘’Oh honey, I’m so sorry!’’ she mumbled quickly, laying down and giving me a bear hug. I accepted and returned it whole-heartedly. A hug was good, and it was just what I needed.

‘’I’m fine now kitty kat,’’ I let her know. ‘’But enough about me! So did you finally lose your virginity to Mr. Chocolate?’’ I teased her about last night with our nickname for Sam.

‘’No!’’ she blushed, and retracted her arms before giving me a playful grin. ‘’But did you? I saw Jayden here… so?’’

‘’Is he still here?’’ I asked nervously, sitting up straight and swinging my legs down to get up.

‘’Mm, he was having breakfast with a pair of twins – who by the way looked ah-dorable!’’ she exclaimed, taking a seat on the edge of the bed as she saw me get my clothes for the day.

I picked out a pair of light wash jean shorts and a pink halter neck top with a pleated chiffon front. Grabbing a scarf on top, and selecting a pair of grey heels, I got out of my walk in closet.

‘’That would be my sister and brother in-laws. Zach and Zoe.’’ I informed her. ‘’Adorable, sure. But a handful if you’re taking care of them. I really feel for Alex sometimes.’’


‘’Jayden’s mom.’’ I told her, shrugging. ‘’Now, I’m going to take a shower. I’ll meet you downstairs in 15 ‘kay?’’

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