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Brooke's POV

My life sucks. Honestly it does. It’s been two weeks since Carson and I broke up. It’s now January 19th. Ironically enough, it’s also one week after January 12th. I’m at home; well I’m at my Dad’s house, the one in Minnesota not the one in Washington. He says I can stay here as long as I want, but eventually he and Penelope are gonna leave, and go back to Seattle. Then she’s gonna have the twins, and they will have the perfect life.

I was released from the hospital the morning after on January 6th. I’ve talked to Leighton a few times, and my other friends Ru. Ru is Connor’s girlfriend, and Connor is C-Carson’s best friend. It hurts to say his name. To even think it hurts. It hurts because I am irrevocably and irreversibly in love with Carson William Anderson, and he’s probably moved on from me. Good, maybe he’s found someone who loves him and can actually show him.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve been doing nothing. Well, that’s not true. I’ve been doing five things:  

1.) Wake up

2.) Cry

3.) Eat Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

4.) Listen to Taylor Swift

5.) Sleep

It’s pathetic I know. I know I’ve lost like ten pounds, in two weeks, cause I won’t eat anything real. I do it all while lying in my bed too. My dad’s been trying to get me up and out, but I’m too depressed. All of a sudden my bedroom door opens, and I see Ru standing there.

          “Brooke Tyler, get your ass out of that bed. It’s 2 o’clock in the evening!”

          “No, Ru. I’m not gonna get up.”

I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been in this house the past two weeks. I have no use for going outside. Ru comes over at sits on my bed.

          “Brooke! Come on!”

          “Ru, I appreciate you being here for me, but please. I just wanna stay in this bed and eat my delicious Ben and Jerry Ice Cream until I can’t stand the taste of it.”

Ru rolls her eyes, “Who the hell keeps buying you all this ice cream? You’re gonna get frickin’ diabetes.”

          “Penelope. She always asks me if I need anything, and I say Ben and Jerry’s. The nice thing is she gets me a new flavor every time. Do you know how many flavors they have? A lot!”

Ru takes the carton of ice cream from me, and the spoon and sits it on the desk.

          “Brooke! Snap out of it! You and Carson are both killing yourselves. You’re eating your way into an ice cream coma, and Carson’s gonna become a frickin’ house elf or something! According to Connor, he hasn’t left the hotel in a week. A week Brooke!”

          “How does that make him a house elf?”

          “I dunno! I just couldn’t think of anything.” Ru says, with a sigh.

          “Why is he even still here? I though Connor was taking him back to Florida?”

          “No, he said he didn’t wanna go.”


          “Brooke, he loves you!”

          “Then why didn’t he bother to come see me in the hospital?” I ask.

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Nina Dobrevas Brooke Tyler
Logan Lermanas Blake Anderson
Beau Mirchoffas Brody Anderson
Liam Payneas Carson Anderson
Lucas Tillas Cooper Anderson
Jeremy Sumpteras Hayden Anderson
Landon Liboironas Hunter Anderson
Cody Simpsonas James Anderson
Jackie Evanchoas Lauren Anderson
Scarlett Johanssonas Lisa Anderson
William Moseleyas Logan Anderson
Kellan Lutzas Noah Anderson
Dave Francoas Parker Anderson
Tom Cruiseas Robert Anderson
Anna Sophia Robbas Leighton Masters
Josh Hutchersonas Reed McMillian
Ariana Grande as Tammy Wilde

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