K. so the beginning is kinda boring but keep reading because it get A LOT more interesting (:



I peeled open my eyes, to see an empty room. 

"Boys?" I called, remembering that they had slept over the night before.

"Maya? Where are you guys?" I called walking into the living room. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a note stuck onto the fridge.

Sorry babe, something really important came up and me and the boys had to go back to our hotel. Maya went off somewhere with Niall and she says sorry and that she'll see you later. I hate to leave you alone like this but I had no choice :( I love you see you later... Micheal will pick you up and bring you to me later around 2 (; 

- Harry xx   I read. 

Great. Micheal. 

I yawned and poured myself some cereal. I turned on the TV. What the hell am I going to do till 2? I thought. My best girl friend is with her boyfriend and my best friends are with my boyfriend. 

This is going to  be a fun day.

When I finished my cereal, I decided to take a bath because I had a lot of time to kill.

I walked slowly to my bathroom and filled up my tub with warm water. When the temperature was right, I stripped off Harry's shirt that I had slept in the last night and plopped it on the ground and slid into the tub. The warm water submerged my skin and I closed my eyes, my thoughts escaping me. I dunked my face into the water and kept my eyes closed. When I came up for air I poured my favorite bath salts and body wash into the water and scrubbed my skin. 

My fingers were starting to wrinkle so I drained the water and raised my body out of the tub. I wrapped myself up in a towel and walked out of the bathroom. I dried my wet hair with a towel and pulled on a purple loose top that said Lover on the front and my favorite jeans with a mustard yellow belt. Realizing that I had lots of time to get ready, I decided to curl my blond hair. 

I heated up my curling iron and turned on my IPod and hit the shuffle button. What a coincidence, the song that started to play was One Thing by One Direction. I laughed at myself.

"Shot me out of the sky, your my kriptonite, you keep making me weak, frozen and can't breathe!" I sang along loudly to Harry's part, his deep voice filling my house. After I curled my last piece of hair,  I did my makeup, nothing to fancy, just some eyeliner and mascara and a pink lip-gloss. Very natural. When I was done getting ready, I walked out into the living room. And yes, it was a complete and utter mess. Obviously because One Direction had just spent the day there. I cleaned the kitchen, the living room and my and Maya's bedrooms. 

When I looked at the clock it said 1:55 pm. Woah, time really does fly when your doing stuff. I thought to myself, Micheal should be coming around anytime now. I felt happy because I was going to see Harry and the boys but worried because Micheal was coming for me...Suddenly, a knocking on the door interrupted my thoughts.

"Coming!" I called, running to the door.

A man in a dirty white vest with his pot belly hanging out stood in front of me. 

"H-hi Micheal." I said wearily.

"Hello again Rebecca." Micheal wheezed, smiling, showing off his crooked yellow teeth. "Ready to go?"