My Seshi (inuyasha fan fic)

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im a BIG fan, so enjoy


"MOM, I'M GOING OUT, SEE YOU LATER!!!!" i yelled as i ran out the door. i did't hear my mom yell back.

"SHEUT!" My brother yelled from the room with the well, which I was heading to.

"What is it Rukio?"

"Chena went down thhere! And I....I'm.....I'm scared to goo down there!" He seemed scared. I went down there and grabbed the fat cat from on the of the stack of boxes in a corner. I handed Rukio the fat thing.  

"Now shoo, back to mom and grandpa!" He nodded and ran, trying to carry the cat.

When I knew he was in the house I jumped into the well, clutching my hand. My hand glowed, as a glove formed around it, and my purple clothes for the era my seshi was in formed. My long black hair pulled back into a pony tail. My black, fuzzy ears popped up. 

Birds tweeted in a tree nearby. I climbed out the well. Looking around, I smelt some one. ~Inu~ I thought .

~that bastard! He must have come over here for Kagome. The brat! Well, my boss must have a message to have delivered.~

I ran, being a shapeshifting half demon and all, torwards where Naraku's place was. I arrized pretty quick. He was on the roof, in the stupid baboon costume.

"I have a message, to Inuyasha. Go as Kikyo. Tell him that you need the jewel shards to live." He tossed down a small bag.

~shards, nice~ I bowed, and ran off, tucking the gems into my front pocket. I smelt him nearby, shifting into Kykyo. I stumbled, clutching my side out from behind a tree. He caught me. ~its working!~

"In...inu.......yasha............" I said, being weak

"Yes, Kikyo......what is it? are you still alive?" Puzzlement

"Jewel shards..............I need them to survive........." ~aw crap.........I can't keep this up very long.....~ 

"No, inuyasha, I won't give them to her. She has some in her dress, and another her hand!" I jumped up, into a tree, shifting back.  

"WAIT, YOUR NOT MY FRIEND, IS NARAKU BEHIND THIS?!?!" He put a hand around Tetsiga. I watched it carefully.  

"I'm a messenger. That's all. Now, the shard around her neck? Or her life and the shard?" I leaped, grabbing a sword off my back. I landed by her, laying the sword against her neck.  


"SIT BOY!" She yelled, I shifted into her as he planted his face in the ground.  

"Now, Inu, I can take that off your neck, all you need to do is hand over the jewel shards. Simple. Now, will you comply?" He looked utterly confused. Perfect.

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