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Scream For Him ~ Watty Winner 2012

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Chapter Twenty Six



Jenna woke in a haze of blurry memories that took a few moments to make sense to her.  After discovering that Will had been the perpetrator the entire time, there had been a struggle.  She had kicked and fought, but to no avail.  Fighting off two attackers, regardless of the fact that she had done a number on Will already, didn't matter.


Finally, a blow to her head had knocked her unconscious, so when she awoke, she was tied down to the table, chains biting painfully into her wrists and ankles.  She couldn't help but think back to the video she'd received of Will himself strapped to the very same table.  But that hadn't been real, she reminder herself.  This was.


Raising her head from the table, Jenna realized she was alone.  She tested the binding, knowing it wasn't going to give.  It was too tight for her to even try to slip her thumb out of its socket and pull through the chain.  Cursing under her breath, she laid her head back down.


Jenna spent a little time reflecting on the things that had happened, putting the puzzle pieces together.  It wasn't until that moment that she placed the fact that Agent Thompson was probably a family member of Will's, and that he had successfully manipulated her with his help and Dina's.  One person stalking her was bad enough; but three had made it so she never saw it coming until it was too late.


But what about Agent Miles and Morris?  Wouldn't they be looking for her?  Would they be able to figure it out, or was Agent Thompson going to be able to manipulate the situation and put them off her track?  Too many things were working against her, and she regretted every move she had made, including ever trusting him.  She felt broken, betrayed, and incredibly weak, and it was difficult to not give up completely.  Throughout all of her inner reflection, she failed to think of a solution she could use to get out of the mess she was in.


Hatred began to boil up inside of her.  She had so much going for her, and she wanted to live, to improve her life after graduation - hell, she wanted to graduate.  Everything had been so easy compared to this, and Jenna soon found herself wondering, "Why me?"  She had never pegged Will as being a vicious psychopath.  Dina, on the other hand, didn't try to mask her craziness.  She oozed with that power and vindictiveness, and unfortunately, she made it very clear that she despised her.


Jenna couldn't say how long she had laid on that table, hands and feet falling numb as she listened to her own scared breathing echoing off the walls and back to her.  When she heard the key in the lock outside, her breath hitched.  She turned her head slightly to the side, hoping that if they thought she was still unconscious, they would say something that would help her somehow.


The door opened loudly, and Jenna worked to control her breathing.  Her heart beat so hard in her chest, she was afraid of having a heart attack.  


"Is she still out?" She heard Dina asked.


"Perhaps.  If so, you definitely hit her much too hard."


"Well, little bitch caught me good.  I lost control."


"You always do."  


Off-kilter footsteps thudded across the floor, stopping beside the table.  Light hands tipped her face toward him and Jenna unintentionally flinched at the unexpected touch.


"Well, hello my darling," he almost crooned.  "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but you see, I had to make a trip to the hospital, thanks to the wound you gave me."


"She awake?  Good.  We have unfinished business."


"Dina," Will said with a sigh.  "We have an agreement."


"What is going to happen?"  Jenna asked in a hushed tone, opening her eyes to her captor, a man she once thought she knew so well.


"Well, first you must be punished.  That was a very bad thing you did to me.  Hell, you gave me a limp."  He chuckled a little.  "But, after you learn your lesson, I doubt you will do that again - if I decide to let you walk after this."

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