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Maxwell's POV

So I'm here, In Arizona.

I walked towards the bookstore. I looked at the car. It looked like Mason's car. I shrugged it off, people have the same cars sometimes, don't they?

I opened the door slowly, kind of scared about what store it is. Not wanting to ruin my innocence. Even though I doubt that my parents would send me out to a bookstore to work in that's like that.. Would they?

I looked at the books. Supernatural books, real special, huh? I guess they weren't out to ruin my innocence. I saw another door, opened. Leading to the back. I heard some body movement. Which means, people are here. Customers or, employees?

I made my way through the door. Seeing two guys, I couldn't really make out they're faces. But they were kissing. You can't tell me they weren't. Even though I couldn't really see they're faces. My heart stung? This bookstore has weird mojo!

Not wanting to disturb they're little kiss scence, I left. I walked back out, outside maybe going to get something to eat. Since I'm starving. I'd die if I didn't get food, no joke. I looked to see what was around, a resturant or fastfood place. Maybe even a café?

I saw a coffeé shop, they probably had food. Yummo~ food, food, food, food. Yoohoo! I'm going crazy from starvation.. I should quickly go there. It's a decent walk. A perfect walk for clearing your head. I didn't need that but, walking there didn't seem like a bad idea.

I started walking there. It felt like forever.. but I eventually made it there. I slipped into a seat in the back and took a to-go menu. Scanning over the items.

                                            Weird, a green tea, black bean smoothie.

Noah's POV

I rushed out, of the room. Leaving him there.. I opened the door to outside. Cold wind rushing past me. I knew my cheeks are rosy, they felt hot-ish. I kept thinking about the kiss.

The way his kiss made my heart beat erratically. The slight dizzyness it gave me. The taste of his lips. I really fell for him. I can't even lie to myself about not loving him anymore. And it's no longer just a "crush".

I loved that kiss, and I love him.

Is it going to be the same? Our relationship? Or does he feel differently? I sighed. I saw a Cafè, I opened the door and stepped in. Inhaling the scent of baked goods and coffeè.

I slumped into a seat in the front. Ordering a coffee of some sort, telling them

It didn't really matter what kind, just a coffee. I turned my head and saw a boy, that reminded me of Maxwell. He can't possibly be here. So it's either that or I'm seeing things. But then the voice is the same. Maxwell is here?

Just then, the door opened and Mason came in.

Mason's POV

I liked kissing Noah, so much more than I should of. He rushed off. I can't blame him I randomly kissed him. And I still have feelings for Max. I feel so player-like right now.

There's only a question for me right now, what the hell do I want, or rather who? I'm so messed up. This isn't how it's suppose to be, I'm suppose to be meant for one person. I'm suppose to have feelings for one, and one only.  

Once again, my head was killing me and I feel extremely tired. So I went inside of a Cafè. Opening the door, I saw Noah in the front. Maxwell in the back. Even better, a killer headache and both of them? It seemed like they noticed me, Max looked like he just noticed Noah...

I know what Jasmine would say right now, she'd say, "Threesome?". That's exactly what she would say if I asked her 'what should I do?'

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