The flash of headlights.

The sceeching of brakes.

The sensation of all the air being knocked out of my lungs.

The sound of many paniced voices talking all at once.

The wailing of sirens.

The darkness.

I was sent spiralling down into the depths of my own mind. It was dark, unforgiving. It was like I was stuck in limbo. I felt numb, nothing more. I saw a dim light. It looked far away, but it was closer than I thought. Curiousity took over and I found myself walking towards the light. The light grew and became brighter with every step I took. It got to the point where it was blinding, but still, I carried on walking towards it.

I was standiing so close to the ball of light that if I wanted to, I could reach out and touch it. I extended my arm,  daring myself to touch it. My pale, shaking hand was an inch away from it. I gasped as I reached into the ball of light. It was freezing. It was cold enough to turn my fingers into icicles. I pullled my hand out and as soon as I did, the light died down. It started to shape shift, evantually forming the shape of a human. A human..with wings. A fairy? I narrowed my eyes and the light left completely. A girl with bright blue wings stood in front of me with a small smile on her face. She didn't move. I didn't move. I was so confused.

It took me a moment to take in her features. Her eyes were bright blue, matching the small wings sticking out from her back. Her hair was shiny, waist length and raven black in colour. What caught my attention the most, though. that she looked like an exact double of my best friend, Alyss.

I didn't know who she was. I didn't know where I was or what I was doing.

All I did know was...

I didn't feel like myself.

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