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Lil bro....

MY MONKEY IS BETTER!!!!!  HE'S PURPLE xD  GOOO BOOBOO!!!!! bahahhahaaa I love you soooo freaking much you are the best lil bro ever Nicky Poo!!!  I love how you react when I pinch your cheeks *pinches your cheeks* you are just soooo freaking adorable I can't help it!!!!!  *ruffles your hair*  I LOVE YOU!!!!  hehehehee You make me smile when I'm down and I'm happy I met you and Alexa and Anj and maybe even Donnie but yeahhhhh heheheee

You give me cookies and everclear and kid i dont know where you get condoms from...  or the alcohol you are 10 child 10!!!!!!!  BUT I LOVE YOU!!!!!!  bahhahahaaaa sooooo Nicky Poo lemme say something....  JESS IS FREAKING ADORABLE SO GET OVER IT!!!!!  And stop perving on Kim Kardashian!!!  I almost threw up when you started talking about her!!!  NO ONE SHOULD EVER GIVE YOU RED BULL!!!!!!!  its a horrible thing to do...  Heehehheee Love you Nicky Poo xD