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365 Day Challenge


Here is the first story to my 365 Day Challenge which I will be posting on here as well as my new tumblr page which you can find here:

Story One- Heaven


What is heaven? Religion depicts it to be this magnificent place where we go when we die, where we go when our spirit carries on. But what if the soul isn’t ready to transcend yet? Are we left behind on the mortal plane of existence?


With a heavy sigh I turned around walking down the street. People walking right on through me, I am a dead man. It was a freak accident where a scaffold broke and I pushed a lady out of the way. I am a pretty selfless person if you couldn’t tell. The woman got out of the accident with a sprained wrist and I just didn’t get out. The woman began to cry hysterically yelling for someone to call an ambulance as she started to pull pieces off of the scrap so the paramedics could reach my body. She even got help, but it was all in vain. None of the people noticed the blood begin to pool beneath the destroyed scaffold. If I survived I bet my parents would have killed me for being so reckless. Yet, it doesn’t matter.


Turning to my side I noticed a room of mirrors, maybe someone could see my reflection and notice that I am still alive in a sense. Yet, gazing into the mirror I didn’t see my shaggy blond hair or my green eyes. What I did see was a sad girl, the same girl that I saved staring into the mirror. Her long dark red hair reached her lower back and her forest green eyes were on level with where mine should have been. She was staring straight through me into the mirror but her gaze matched mine.


“Please tell me this isn’t another bad dream,” she whispered as her hand came up and went right through me. “Please let me just wake up, stop haunting me!”


“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t let you get hit. You probably had more going for me than I ever had,” I spoke with no one listening. Talking to yourself has large perks when you are dead.


“Don’t say that,” she said as a shocked expression came to my face. Could she… could she hear me? Let alone see me even?


“How can you see me?” I demanded. I am a ghost after all and to my knowledge ghosts aren’t normally seen unless on cartoons.


“I can see you because this is just a dream right?” she questioned as her hazel eyes grew wide. “Surely I cannot be awake right now.”


“Well too bad you are,” I replied as I started to walk away phasing through each wall until I was out on the street again. Yet, that girl kept following me.


“Wait come back! I have to talk to you!” she yelled as she too ran out of the store.


“You know if you keep talking to the air, people are going to think you are crazy,” I said as I turned to her with another person walking through me.


“I am crazy if I am not dreaming and I am seeing you,” she stated as she tried to grab my hand. Tried.


“Look lady I don’t know what your deal is but if you want to talk so bad then just follow me,” I said sticking my hands in my ghostly pockets. Don’t make me miss this life more than I already do. I hate not being able to touch or feel anything. The clouds started to roar turning a soft gray as rain started falling down to earth. Are you crying for me right now Heaven?


I led her to the one spot where I feel safest at, the one place where I know I wouldn’t be bothered. Standing in front of my own grave gave me a sick pleasure of peace as I knew no one would dare defile it.


“So you take me to a graveyard so I don’t seem crazy? That sounds perfectly reasonable,” she mutters sarcastically. It may not seem crazy to her but people talk to these erected stones almost on a daily basis. Except for mine, my death was too fresh for some people so I doubt that people would pay me a visit. What can I say, I just miss the attention. “So why here?”


“What you are standing in front of is my grave,” I said as I sat down next to the headstone. “If I remember correctly you were sent off to the hospital too in order to be treated for shock so you never learned my name. My family thought it would be in your best interests not to.”

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