A Night's Work

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"Take these wings and fly," said the raven. "I have little use for them now."  

 "Oh thank you!" said the little girl. "I am so eager to soar so high!"  

 The raven gave the girl his wings, and watched her strap them on.  

 "Such nice wings they are, how can you bear to part?!'  

 "Lass, ye have to understand, I have been there, seen it all!  I tire of the sky, I think I will stay here on the ground."  

 With that the girl nodded her head of golden curls. "Of course, what you say is true.  And I do so tire of the ground. I think I'll try the sky."  

 The little girl then climbed a nearby tree, to the very tippy-top. And she jumped! The little girl screamed in ecstasy...all the way to her death.  

 And she lay there, her neck broken.  

 The raven collected his wings and the girl's eternal soul. And even in death, her ghostly form had its arms outstretched, and eyes wide--  

 Ready to take flight.  

The raven sighed at such a sight. "All in a night's work," said the raven.