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Tia's POV:

I ran across the parking lot in front my school.  The rain was making it even harder to get to school.  Shit, shit, shit! This is what you get for staying in bed for thirty more minutes, you utter idiot! I thought to myself as I grabbed a tardy slip and scribbled on an excuse on it. It read, "Tardy for over sleeping." 

My friend politely waved at me and said a hi, but I was too mad.  I hate being late and I have a bad temper.  And those two don't mix well together.  I walked over to my table, and noticed that my table mates were having another stupid staring contest.  I chuckled a bit at how their eyes just popped out of their sockets.  They both held up the magic finger at me.  I sat down and got my work done, before my table mate, Daja, silently shrieked.  I covered my ears. 

"Daja?! What the fuck was that?" I whisper-shouted to her.

"He blinked, that's what!" She smiled, knowing that she had won another staring contest.

"Whatever, didn't count.  Let's go again." Cameron, also my table mate, said.  He smiled at her.  Daja smiled back.  Everyone in the 5th grade totally knew they liked eachother.  It was too obvious, I mean come on!  Proof just happened.  They started talking again, about nothing really.  I tuned them out and listened to the teacher.  "Alright, put your work in the blue cabinet.  We have to get to an assembly, class!" My teacher said in an awfully happy tone.

I smiled.  Yes! No art, music, or Physical fucking Education! I smiled again, but my smile wider this time, and got in line.  I joked around with my "girlfriend" about nonsense and One Direction.  Ahhhh, One Direction!  I love them just too much.  We talked even more about them, and we finally got to the assembly.  My guy friend, Marcus, just rolled his eyes.


 " Wow, that assembly was boring! " I muttered to myself.  It was really sad, yeah, but really boring.  The principal talked about orphans, orphanages, and some kids in our school were orphans too.  We tried to look around to see if anyone blushed or anything, and yup, some kids did blush.  Good that the principal didn't lie.  As we walked out of the assembly room, I inspected my pants.  Good, my pants are finally drying from the torrential downpour, I thought to myself.

As we entered the classroom, my teacher said, " 20 min. free time!" with a grin.

With that, everyone exploded whooping as if it was the New Year.  "Yeah, New Years, in the middle of August." I snorted.  I laughed my head off, as if that was the funniest joke on the earth.  I went to my backpack to grab my unhealthy bag of chips for snack.  As I Iooked inside, my hair was pulled.  Hard.  And trust me guys, it HURT.

Marcus' POV

As Tia walked by my desk, I breathed in some molecules of air.

"Alright Marcus, now you can do it!  You are strong.  Let's do this." I whispered to myself.  I looked around to see if the teacher was here.  Nope.  I walked over to her, and pulled her hair. I kept on pulling her hair, and literally dragged her over to the class library.  I could feel her clawing at my hands for me to release.  I laughed at her struggling. 

"Marcus, let go of my hair, you MAN BITCH!"

"Shut. Up.  Or else I'll put harder."  She shut up.



Sorry for the filler chapter.  it was boring and long, I know. sorry if theres any mistakes, im making sure my parents don't see. :P

love you.

-Bob :)

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