Nobodies:: A person of no importance, influence or power.



1 hour.

All i have is one hour.

I dont really know where to start or what parts i should keep out. 

All i know is that i only have 1 hour to tell you my life story. It may not interest you much, but i can tell you that its one hell of a story. 

First things first; This story may be strange to you... It may be a little insane. But everything i tell you is real. No bs, no lies. 


I'm sitting in my bathtub behind a locked door. It's my only safe haven, the only place i can get away from the bitch of the woman, who isnt my mother, who is always around. I cant handle it. I cant talk to anyone about it, because to everyone... I am Nobody. Infact, that's basically my name. No one has the time or the care to call me by name... It's always "Hey... You.." or "Hey freckle face.." The list goes on and on but thats the only thing i've ever known.

My mother has too many problems she has to face on her own to be trying to handle mine. I feel as though im a burden that she constantly carries around... Some one she cant get rid of. My dad is always gone, working. He isnt a workaholic, but he has to keep his job, we wouldnt be living where we do now if it werent for him.


I know that none of this interests you... But its only the beginning. The beginning of the end, without sounding cliche. 

1 hour.

It begins now.


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