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Arrange Marriage of Mr. Casanova with Ms. Casanova






It all started out one day after school.



I was driving to my house in my purple Ferrari that Daddy had given me for my birthday.



When I reached my house I saw a familiar car there as well.



What is he doing here?



Sino pa ba?



Edi si Russell Gomez






School player, "CASANOVA"



Tapos gusto pa niyang makuha ang tinatawag nilang *PERLAS*



In his  monkey  dreams. 



I walked in the house and went into the grand living room.



There I saw my parents talking to two other people.



And guess who else was there?



Yes. Russell



"Ah" si daddy



"There's my little girl!"



"Hi daddy, hi mommy" bati ko sa kanila sabay niyakap ko silang dalawa



"Maupo ka Ella" salita ni daddy



Yes Ella tawag sa akin nina dad.



"So" pag uumpisa nya sa usapan



Anu ba meron bat parang mahalaga tong pag uusapan namin..



"I bet you're both wondering why you have to be here." dagdag pa nya



Halatang kami ni Russell yung kinakausap ni daddy..



Ugh. Russell.



I absolutely hated him.



"Yeah" sagot ko lang



"What is going on?" dagdag ko pa kasi naguguluhan ako



"Well" Mr. Gomez said, daddy ni Russell



"We have an announcement to make. There was a promise eighteen years ago that all four of us made. We promised that once you two graduated were of age, we would tell you. Jaqueline, since you barely became eighteen we decided to tell you both."



Spell naguguluhan? A-K-O!!



"Tell us about what?" --Russell



Ugh. Narinig ko lang boses niya naiinis na ako!! >.<



"Well" --Daddy mukhang Nervous pa



Baket ba kasi English Sila ng English!! Di tuloy ako maka pag tagalog..ahmp!



"We promised that you and Russell would get married after graduation"









"What?!" --Ako at pati na rin si Russell






"Yes" --mommy



'But mommy bata pa ako"



"You and him have to get married after graduation."



"No!" --ako



 "Mom hndi ako papayag na maikasal sa isang jerk and a player! He treats girls terribly!"



"And she's too blonde for me!" --Russell



At aba too blonde uh?



"Excuse me?!" --ako



"Too blonde for you?!"



"Yeah"-- Russell



"You're too blonde for me. You're Miss Popularity, you get whatever you want. Guys are lined up just to talk to you. You're like the cliche dumb, pretty rich blonde."






"Well, I'm not the school man-whore!"--ako



 "You go around and play with girls and then break their hearts!" --dagdag ko



"Okay!" --Daddy



"Enough! Hndi na kayo mga bata para mag away basta yun na yun" --Daddy



Sa wakas nag tagalog na rin..xDD




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Prologue :)


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