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Missing You (One Direction Fanfic)


 “oh my frickin god, when Jord told me private jet I thought like ah small plane just enough space to fit us in with a couple of chairs which convert into beds, this is a full on aircraft with seperate rooms for the boys, its like better than Air Force 1, its got a huge picture of the boys on it, with inside, a bedroom each, a dressing rooms and en suites, all on a flippin aeroplane, this is better than my house!”

We had no long queues at the check in's either, infact their wasn't even a airport, just one long assed runway, a man in a bright yellow illuminous jacket took our cases and loaded them onto the plane, we clambered on and everyone seperated off to their rooms, I was miles away from lou as he had stopped to stock up on food,

“Hey Lou, I found your room, the one with your face on? Bad Hair Day mate? Did they take this when you had your teenage spots? Man you look terrible!”

Lou came rushing through the aeroplane faster than I could say Carrotts,

“What? When did they change this picture? Do I really look that bad? Oh my god what should I do?!”

“Lou, hun chill, I was just kidding, you look hot just like meeee!”

He breated out heavily “PHEWWWW”

I opened the door and saw two aeroplane chairs, but leather, a double bed, a bar and a small door leading to the dressing room, oh my god!

“Lou, you told me it was just chairs converted into a bed, this is better than my bedroom at home!”

“it is just comfier” he smiled and winked,

“All Passengers flying to Dubai please take your seats and fasten your seatbelts,

our air hostesses will be round in approximatley 10 minutes with unlimited food and drink, we hope your flight is as comfortable as we can possibly make it, if you wish to need anything during the flight please feel free to press the assistance button. Thank-you!”

“Laur, get your cute little ass over here, girlfriend! Whatchya want to drink baby?”

“Oooh, so much to choose from, um, i'll just have a smirnoff ice for now if thats okay hun”

“Perfectly fine with me, we've got three weeks of just constant drinking, liver failure the lot, ah well as drake would say you only live once.”

“Lou, has anyone ever told you, you talk a lot! Bro, sit down and shaaatup!”

“hurtful laur, hurtful,okay, what you want the seats or bed?”

“Well we've gotta sit in the chairs for take off dumbo, but when we can get in bed, im tired, no trying things on with me Louis, we're on a aeroplane and like you said earlier, we've got three weeks”

“JHEEZ, remind me not to get on the wrong side of you when your tired, craankaay!”

“Hush up am I cranky! Can I have a cuddle or not mate?”

“thought you'd never ask! Come here my sweet!” With that he pulled the arm rest up from the chairs and pulled me onto the seat, I placed the seatbelt round my waist and fastened it.

“Lets play a game, Truth about You, you literally just get to ask the person about themselves and if they refuse to give a answer they have to face a consequence”

Hmph, seems easy enough, game onn!

Louis started, tell me about yourself, what you'd write on a application form for a job”

thats easy enough..

(A/N this is not my real information, so dont try stalking me)

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