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Mindless Behavior Love Story : Meet The Bully !

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This Is My Story Meet The Bully. It Got Deleted A Couple Months Ago But Its Backkk!! Ok So Enjoy! 

Mb Love Story:Meet The Bully! 


**Ray and Nyra are siblings and they live with there mom.They just moved from NYC to Cali and are starting a new school today. 

Nyra:(comes downstairs) hey mom...Supp Ray 

Ray:Hey Pookie!(calls her that) 

Nyra:(does not like that)STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! LOL!!(they fake fight) 

Mom:Hey you guys stop it come on it is time for school. 

**They go to school** 

(at school in the hallway) 

Ray:Ny,What classes you got? 

Nyra:Well I have all the same classes as yo-(g.c.o) 

*bell rings**  

Nyra:Well I will see you in 2nd period bro,bye ily 

Ray:Ily too deuces 

*in class* 

Mr.Sam:Class,this is our new student Nyra.Nyra please pick a empty seat. 

*Nyra P.O.V. Wow look at that cute boy with the Afro I think I want to sit by him..well I kinda have no choice cuz that's the only empty seat but,whatever.*End of P.O.V* 

Nyra:I will take that seat by him(points to Princeton and smiles) 

(whole class starts to burst out laughing) 

Mr.Sam:Hey Guys Stop it!Go ahead Nyra 

Nyra:am I missing something? 

Random Boy:Yup! 

Nyra:Uhmmm Kayee? 


(Nyra goes to sit down by Prince) 

*Princeton P.O.V. Oh my gosh this beautiful angel named Nyra just entered the class and wants to sit by me!Well it was the only seat available but at least she did not scoot as far away from me as she could like the kid my left :) *END OF P.O.V* 

Mr.Sam:Ok class we are going to do a group project today and the rest of the month.The groups will be 3 in each.And in this project your group will be creating 

a short video on a modern crises going on today. First group*blah blah blah* Jacob Perez 


Mr.Sam:Princeton. Prodigy and Nyra 


Mr.Sam:Suck it up Prod. class i will be back I have to run an errand. 


Nyra:(Leans over to Prince and says)You can come to my house to day so we can get started come at about 5:00 ok? 

Prince:Yea(looks down) 

Diggy:(walks up too Nyra) Hey sexy how you doing? 

Nyra:Uhmmm good I guess and by the way my name is Nyra not sexy 

Prince:(smiles with head down) 



Diggy:I got you after school PUNK ASS(class starts to laugh) 

Nyra:Wow he is a big jerk 

Prince.(looks down) 

Nyra:Ok so my house at 5(writes address down) 

Prince:(still looking down) look I need a ride so can I just come on the bus with you? 

Nyra:Of course 


(class starts to laugh) 

Prince:(runs out the classroom) 


Nyra:You guys are such.....JERKS! 

(Nyra finds Prince right infront of the school tbuilding) 

Nyra:Hey,Jacob I am sorry for that 

Prince:WHY?You did not start the bullying? 

Nyra:Whatever I am still sorry 

Prince:Look Nyra just leave me alone right now and you better go inside just I case anyone sees you it can ruin your whole sociol rep 


Prince:Long story 

Nyra:Nothing but time 

Prince:(spazzes out)JUST GO  


*Princeton P.O.V. Ughhh what am I gonna do I can't have Nyra hating me like the rest of the school she is new and my only chance to make a friend I CAN'T mess this up I guess I will apologize at lunch. 

~at lunch~ 

Nyra P.O.V. Where is Ray?He promised he would sit with me at lunch I guess I will just sit by that girl. 

End of P.O.V 

Nyra:Hey mind if I sit by you? 

Girl:Nope!By the way my name is Bree 


Bree:So you must be new? 

Nyra:Yea(sees Princeton sitting by himself)Why does everyone make fun of Jacob?(points to Prince) 

Bree:Because he is.......different than us 


Bree:Listen..I am not a mean person so put it this way,If you don't know than you don't need to know 

Nyra:Ok well mind if I invite over here 

Bree:Of course not but first I have to explain to you how this school works 

Nyra:Ok go on 

Bree:(points to a table)Those are the populars aka the pops In your best interest I advise you not to mess with them.In the pops we have Diggy the ring leader Prodigy ,Diggys right hand man we also have a new pop that just came today his name is Randy aka Ray he-(G.C.O) 

Nyra:OMG Ray? That is my brother! I can't believe he blew me off for them!*whisperes* dumbass 

Bree:umm yea and then we have Twist,Justin,and Jacob.And the girl pops are Jasmine,Jessica they are twins,Selena,Zonique,Star,and Zendaya 

Nyra:Oh well they seem nice 

Bree:WHAT?They almost ruine-Never mind ok anyway we also have the nerds and the people who the whole school hates 

Nyra:Who are the people that the whole scoop hates?

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