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When I Look At You

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Well I Got To Admit. i Like This Chapter The Most Of Them All(: Well So Far. i Love Seth(; He's My Favourite Character. He Is Like All Sweet. Well I Don't Want to Spoil Anything. So Enjoy! 

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Julie Mahone Bieber(: ♥


  We all walk in, Justin walks ahead of me and he runs up the stairs to the top seats in the theater. Julie smiles at him, then she turns around and gives me the biggest and sweetest grin I have ever seen on her face. I knew this smile or grin. Whatever people call it now and says. Anyways… It’s that stupid smile she gives me to let me know she’s fallen for someone. Yeah gross I know but usually I ignore the stupid smile. I knew well enough what it meant. But this time I’m not okay with it. I knew this smile was about Justin and to say I don’t really like Justin. He hurt Julie once and if he hurts her again in anyway. Bastard is going to get it bad.

   I sigh and walk up the flight of stairs behind Julie. I walk down the alley way to find a seat and sit in between Julie and Justin. I slightly smirk at both of them, Hey I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s Justin’s fault for not scooting over into the seat fast enough.

   I smirk at Julie, she rolls her eyes, crosses her arms in front of her chest but her facial expression changes when one of Justin’s friends sits on the other side of her. He smiles at me then he smiles at Julie. I raise my eyebrows and check out his profile. He has black and brown hair, dark brown eyes, dark blue jeans, and a navy blue shirt that says “Got Protection?”. I roll my eyes as he leans forward and looks at Julie and I.

“So What’s You’re Names? I’m Chaz By The Way.”
I look at Julie, she smiles at him and her big hazel brown eyes just glisten.

“I’m Julie. And This is My Younger Brother Seth.”

   Chaz looks over at me and smiles. I raise my eyebrows as he pulls his attention back to Julie, and gives her ‘that smile’. I glance at Julie’s facial expression she was smiling with that same smile she was gave me when she saw Justin earlier. Gawd girls confuse me. They like one guy then like after ten minutes they fall in love with another? Seriously. I don’t get how you can move on from someone that fast.

  Chaz keeps talking to Julie. To say I didn’t really pay attention to what they said or anything. All I could hear was laughing, whispering and a lot of smiling. I just rolled my eyes. I wished the movie would already start. I lean back in my seat and then I feel to brown eyes gaze at me at the corner of my eye. I look to my left and see Justin staring at me. I slightly scrunch my eyebrows at him and scowl,

“What You Looking At?”

Justin flicks his eyes over at me and raises an eyebrow,

“Nothing. I Wasn’t Looking At You.”

I roll my eyes. This is why I don’t like him, he can be such an ass. Justin barely knows me and he is already saying crap to my face. Now I know how Julie felt on that day he yelled at her.

   I sigh and I sit back in my seat. The lights were starting to dim, means we have 10 minutes before the movie starts. I grin, Finally! The movie is starting! I’m tired of having to listen to Julie And Chaz laugh, and then stupid Mr. Bieber over here won’t keep his eyes off of them. I’m getting a feeling he was jealous of them having a good time and that he wasn’t. He kept scowling at them and rolling his eyes, I got to admit it was pretty funny.  Justin Bieber was getting jealous of the girl he yelled at and his best friend flirting with each other. Now that is some funny ass shit right there. You would expect someone like Justin Bieber to be a little more mature since he’s practically an adult and has a super hot girlfriend, but he chooses to be jealous. I know jealously isn’t something you can control but he can at least try to hide it.

   I take in a deep breath, I begin to close my eyes when I hear Justin whisper Julie’s name. I lift up my head and glance at Justin. He was talking to his other friend… I think his name is Ryan? Honestly it’s not that important to me at the moment. Anyways I look over at Justin and I hear him softly whisper,

“Fuck That Julie Girl Is Such A Fucking Bitch.”

I raise an eyebrow. Did he just call my sister… a bitch?

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