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Black Seeped Through My Heart


Okay so this was my first story I ever wrote, so I decided to edit it up a bit and repost it :) Hope you enjoy <3



~FLASHBACK- two years ago~

I pushed myself faster as my mother chased me down the narrow street. I clutched my slit cheek and my left side where she had kicked me repeatedly. I felt the blood slip past my fingers and run down my small hand. I felt some of my blood trail down and seep through my shirt, staining it.

My mother abused me since I was four. It all started with a slap to my hand to an extremely hard spanking to her throwing stuff at me and now cutting, punching and kicking me until I could feel my bones breaking or choking me until I turned blue or passed out. The only people who knew were Sarah and Billy Black, but Sarah literally took it to her grave. After Sarah died, I was crushed and Sue Clearwater found out about my secret from Billy. Sue Clearwater and Billy Black were like my mom and dad. Sam Uley, my older brother, thought I was being beaten, but I covered my cuts and bruises with make-up. I slowly started to run out of reason for why I had a broken bone and Sam was becoming more and more suspicious. I always ran to Sue's house or Billy's house for them to clean me up and cry for help.

I turned the corner and raced toward Sue's house. I saw Billy's truck in the driveway so that meant my best friend, Jacob, would be over so that meant Quil and Embry, my other best friends besides Seth and Leah, would be there. I honestly didn't care so I continued on running like a mad woman. I saw Jacob, Quil, and Embry standing outside on the curb. I tried to push past them, but I screamed out as my mother pulled my long hair harshly. My body crashed onto the sidewalk as my head cracked against it. My mother started to kick my sides and punch my stomach as I cried, smelling the alcohol on her breath as she yelled and spit in my face. I showed no emotion in my eyes as the tears fell blankly from my face and screams of pain echoed through the air escaped my lips.

My friends tried throwing that vile woman off me and held her back as she screamed at me, eyes full with drunken rage. Jacob ran over to me and picked up my limp, bleeding body. I held into him and cried my eyes out, my blood staining his shirt as I buried my face in his chest. He stroked my hair and whispered in my ear words I couldn't hear from my loud sobs. Billy and Sue called the police as Harry Clearwater called for an ambulance. The Chief Charlie Swan took my mother away as he took me to the hospital. Jacob refused to let me go, but Chief Swan said that I'd die from injury and blood lost if I didn't get to a doctor. Jacob leaned down slowly and kissed my lips softly, taking my first kiss as I took his. He slowly put me in police car and mouthed 'I love you' as we pulled away. Dr. Carlisle Cullen met us at the borderline of La Push and Forks with a sleek black car. I was quickly transferred into the car and we drove off.

He drove to his house, picking my weary body up and running inside the house. He hooked me up to machines and IVs as the Cullen family surrounded me. They were all extremely beautiful, but I couldn't get out of my head that Jacob kissed me. Yes, it's pathetic that we were both 14 and just had our first kiss from each other, but I couldn't get over he was the one who gave me my first kiss. Best friends don't kiss each other and especially not like that. The way he kissed me was like he'd never see me again and needed to tell me that he loved me.

Edward started to chuckle, but he was silenced by the glares of Rosalie and Emmett. Alice and Jasper talked quietly as Carlisle injected a needle into my arm. Esme looked worried as a motherly figure should and sad as my eyes started to close. The heart monitor went to steady pace instead of racing as it was seconds ago. I quickly fell into a deep sleep with the thoughts Jacob and the legends of the cold ones...

I woke up from the delicious aroma of my favorite food, macaroni and cheese. I slowly got up and checked my body; no bruises, no cuts, no scars, nothing on my body. I slid off the bed slowly and stretched my body cautiously, but I had no aches or pains, but only feeling

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