The Mockingjay's Daughter : A Hunger Games Fan-Fiction *Under extensive editing*


''Personally I think your doing the right thing.'' Vienna said as lavinia went back to her station. 

''Really?'' Kat asked, surprised. 

''Of course, I mean your changing the entire country, you know?'' Vienna said, beginning to curl Kat's long brown hair. Kat smiled. 

''Well as long as you think so.'' Kat smiled. Just then Johanna walked over to her daughter. Kat rolled her eyes.

''If your here to tell me how stupid I'm being for not backing out of the games, I'm not in the mood.'' Kat spat. Johanna's eyes widened as she shook her head, taking a seat on the chair next to her. 

''That's not why I came over here at all dear.'' Johanna said in a soft tone. 

''Then why did you come here?'' Kat asked, turning her head to Johanna. Johanna looked down at the floor as tears began to fall down her face. 

''To tell you I'm proud of you.'' Johanna said, wiping  tear away from her eye, but letting the other fall to the floor. Kat smiled, taking a hold of her mother's hand. She found herself crying as well. 

''I'm proud of you too mom.'' Kat smiled. ''I'm just sorry I've been so awful the past 20 years.'' 

''You were never awful, you were always perfect.'' Johanna smiled. Kat wiped away a tear. 

''Your going to make her ruin her make-up.'' Vienna said, even though she was beginning to cry as well. Johanna smiled. 

''Sorry, I'm just emotional.'' Johanna said. 

''We all ae.'' Kat said. ''I just we all were feeling the same emotion.'' 

''We are, just in diffrent ways.'' Annie Rose walked over, hugging Kat around the neck. 

''I love you all so much, and I promise you that no matter what, I'm not going to go anywhere.'' Kat said. 

''What do you mean?'' Johanna asked. 

''I'm going to win these games, all of them.'' Kat said. 'I'm going to have a fantastic wedding, then I'm going to win the games, and then I'm going to be president, and then I'll have a wonderful child.''

''How do you know that?'' Annie Rose asked, beginning to cry. 

''I just know.'' Kat said. Just thenKatniss walked into the room to see all of the girls crying. 

''What's wrong?'' Katniss asked, walking over to join the girls.

''Wedding stuff.'' Kat smiled, wiping away another tear. 

''Well your going to ruin all of your make-up.'' Katniss said. Vienna smiled at Katniss. 

''Thank-you! Now I'm going to have to start all over.'' Vienna sighed. 

''I'll help, I'm already ready. Plus I've been in plenty of dressing rooms to know how to apply a smoky eye.'' Katniss smiled. 

''You'd do that?'' Kat asked. 

''I'd do anything for my goddaughter.'' Katniss smiled, hugging Kat. Katniss grabbed a make-up kit and redid Annie Rose and Johanna's makeup. Once she was finsihed with that she walked over to Kat and applied make-up to her as Vienna continued to do her hair. 

''Alright It's time for the dress.'' Vienna said as she finished Kat's hair. Kat nodded her head, getting up from the table and walking over to the small closet which had all of the dresses. Everyone grabbed their dresses. There was one remaining. 

''Who's dress is this?'' Kat asked. 

''It's mine.'' Ever said, walking into the room. ''Sorry I'm late.'' Ever walked over to the closet. Kat smiled, giving Ever a hug.

''You made it.'' Kat smiled. 

''Of course I did.'' Ever hugged back. ''This is what friends do.'' Kat smiled. 

''Well as your friend you should know that Haymitch came and told me he could put you back in the games, and I said no.'' Kat said, breaking away from the hug. 

''I know, that's why I was late, I tried telling them they could put me back in the games. I started all of that.'' Ever replied. 

''Why would you do that?'' Kat asked. 

''Because your getting married, and your pregnant. You don't deserve to be in the games. I could of handled it, I've been preparing for it my entire life.'' Ever replied. 

''You don't deserve that either. And you can try talking me out of the games all you want, but I'm not backing out.'' Kat replied, placing her hands on Ever's shoulders. Ever nodded her head. 

''Okay.'' Ever whispered, and they hugged again. 

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