His Rejection Made Me A Rockstar




  Rebecca. That name may not make much sense but when you think of it this way.....Rebbecca Austins mate and Austin had come in my room to tell me that she was one of my Knights and so was he, also he met her yesterday and had mated already and wanted me to give them my blessing so they could live happily. Well isn't that nice, NOT! I don't know why but i didn't feel good with her all over him.


 Then the Rebbecca girl had to wake up.


"Wh-wha-WHAT no one has been able to beat me ever the only one the can do that is my my Goddess. NO are you her? I'm so sorry I didn't know but you addressed my mate as if you two had a relationship." she said


"but you didn't right?! RIGHT?!" she asked worriedly 


"sorry to burst your bubble but yes we did go out and i don't know about him but i fell in love but now l have my mate but l hope that he felt at least a bit of my love.....Austin?" l asked


"ye-yea-yeah sure but Rebbecca come here....i didn't mean to interrupt anything so sorry and becca babe that was long ago and KAT yes l did but clearly now l have my mate and you have yours so l don't think bringing up the past in needed now.


"Course Austin always knows best anyways l think your my telepathy night am l wrong?" i asked 


"no your goddess you can never be wrong and yes l am l can control people read minds and move things with my mind so yes l guess telepathy could be my name." she answered


"okay but you know you don't have to suck up to me l don't care one way or another and yes l give you my blessing and yes she can be in my pack but no please don't tell me about what you guys do or did and or anything about your s3x life got it? okay then" l told both of them


They left but now l only have one more of my knights to find and she would be fire l really want to know her because as Judy said me and my Fire knight are tight like sisters but l hope that when we meet she wont suck up to me like that Becca girl but it might be possible but then when l was about to walk out Daniel caught me by the waist.


"hey hey hey where do you think your going to you ain't kissing me then leaving me that's not how it works babe" Daniel said in my ear like a whisper.


"wouldn't dream of it" i answered and turned around but before i could have my way with him he stopped me again suprising to me.


 "No what did you mean when you said screw it in your head and yes l can hear what your saying and l only found out yesterday night" he said.


but by the mention of yesterday night my anger began to bubble up inside of me he really was pushing it and l can't really tell him oh l said screw it because l wanted to kiss you but l knew l would regret it like right now...that would be too harsh.


' l already heard you so there's no need to explain and l'm sorry l couldn't be what you wwanted so l'll just leave you to yourself' then he walked out l totally forgot that he could hear my thoughts.


"no no please don't go don't leave me al-" but then he slammed the door shut and suddenly l felt a sob bubble up inside of me and sadness wash over me but i also felt a pang of pain those weren't my feeling.....those were Daniel's feeling.


  How could l make him feel that way l knew l would show him that l don't need him but truth was without him l would most likely be dead. and he said he loved me and l don't know why but l had to believe him it felt right but these right now us fighting  flt like the worst feeling ever.




Okay l updated so yeah l was grounded and yes l got into the 'special' school and things happened more like someone happened anyways l want to make more drama into this story but i've been feeling happy ish lately so l might not b able to so sorry bye >.<

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