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Forbidden Alliance: A Vampire's Tale


Forbidden Alliance: A Vampire's Tale  

Book Two of the Forbidden Alliance Trilogy


Book One: A Werewolf's Tale 

Book Two: A Vampire's Tale 

Book Three: War of the Immortals (due out in mid-2011)




If you would have asked me five weeks ago what I would be doing today, I would have never said standing in a Las Vegas hotel room, on the run from an ancient sect of werewolf purists that want to kill the only woman I've ever truly loved, simply because I love her and she loves me. The Aslak are in fear of Jay Dee and I creating a new race of immortals, a combination of vampire and werewolf, a race that will have all of our strengths and none of our weaknesses. Assassination attempts aside, the biggest and most annoying problem that we currently face is the fuming five-foot brunette glaring at my new wife and my arsehole brother leaning against the wall with a shite eatin' grin on his face.  

Needless to say, this isn't how I planned on spending my wedding night. 

"You were his wife," Jay Dee corrected. "You gave up that right to call him yours, when you bumped uglies with that über douche behind you." 

"Excuse me?" Sam gasped-she isn't used to being talked to so bluntly. "You know nothing of my husband, our marriage, or our arrangement." 

Jay Dee laughed that menacing dark laugh of hers that usually means she wais going to kick someone's arse, and stepped in front of Sam, looking down at her,. She is easily nine inches taller than her, even with Sam in high heels. "I don't know what your arrangement was, and frankly I don't care," she held her left hand up and wiggled her fingers, the light reflecting off of the diamonds on her ring set, and Sam gasped. "You were his past, and I am his present and his future. So why don't you take your hobbit looking ass, back to whatever hole captain über douche found you in, and leave Tanis alone." 

"Tanis!" Sam screamed, "Are you just going to stand there like a mute? Does your tongue no longer work? I am your wife! And you will mind that bitch's tongue, before I mind it for her." 

I laughed; it is rather ridiculous looking back at the whole situation. I met Jay Dee five months ago on a Monday in a small out of the way shitehole in the Pacific Northwest; a quick relocation from Paris where my ever temperamental sister got a little carried away while feeding and killed some people. I wasn't expecting to meet anyone in Lummi. I didn't even want to be there, but the moment that six-foot blond supermodel goddess walked into that classroom, I knew that I was in barney.  

Jay Dee is unlike anyone I've ever met before, even though at the time I was under the assumption that she was a human and not a werewolf. That caused a little hiccup in our courtship when I freaked out and acted like with world's biggest arsehole. However, that really isn't the point at the moment. 

I laughed, "No. Jay Dee is my wife, and you left me long before I left you." 

"You can't be serious?" she scoffed. 

"I am. Have you ever known me to not be serious? Honestly Sam, you were dead to me when you embraced the dark gift. My wife died more than three centuries ago, I'm sorry. I will always mourn you, but I am done with you." A small group of people that were getting off of the elevator at the end of the hall stopped, and watched curiously, "I am done with this conversation." I said motioning towards the group of onlookers. "I am going to spend my wedding night with my wife. Goodnight." I started to close the door and Sam pushed it back open. That I foresaw. 

Sam pushed past me, and side stepped Jay Dee and made herself comfortable in the living room portion of the penthouse. d'Artagnan smiled and followed her inside, and headed for the bar. Jay Dee snarled but I held her back, "Let me kill her," she pleaded, "It will only take a moment." 

She batted her long black lashes at me, velvety soft lips twisting into an adorable pout. "No," I laughed, closing the door. She huffed in disappointment. "Now, now, Duckie, you've never taken a life before and I don't think the best time to start, is on our wedding night, especially with my ex-wife."  

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," she groaned, wrapping her arms around me. "How about the tool?" she flashed me her brilliant white smile. 

"That, I will put under consideration," I kissed her tenderly on the forehead and she bounced up and down with excitement. I turned my attention to the irate hobbit, as Jay Dee called her, "What do you want, Sam?"

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Forbidden Alliance: A Vampire's Tale

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