Chapter 17: Letting Go

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I sit there on the kitchen floor. Cody's still holding me. How much time has passed? An hour? I wipe my tears. I walk int othe living room, and Cody follows behind.

"Feeling better?" Troy asks me.

I try to speak, but nothing comes out.

"Aubrey?" Tyler stands up.

I still can't speak. I think about it. I grab a pen and paper and write.

I think this traumatic experience has led me to be mute. It happened in this one book I read Flying Solo. A classmate died and the girl felt as it was her fault. It took six months for her to get her voice back. I cannot wait six fucking months!  

I hand them the paper and try to blink away the tears in my eyes.

"But it wasn't your fault," Tyler tells me. I write something else.

I know, but both of my parents are dead. 

"Oh," Tyler says reading it. "Maybe you just need to rest. Maybe when you wake up, your voice will be back."

Or we could go to a doctorrr. 

"Just rest for now," Tyler insists.

Bayani's POV: 

"Hello. What can I get for you?"  The lady at the counter say, winking. Ew.

"One ticket for the 12:30 flight to LA," I ignore her actions. 

Graser's POV: 

I told Bayani to chase after her and go to LA. I hope Isac doesn't find her before Bayani does. I need to help Bayani. I'll help Bayani get her back to Seattle, and then go back to Canada.

"One ticket for the 12:30 flight to LA," I say handing the chick money.

Aubrey's POV: 

I wake up with the guys surrounding me, and Cody is leaving.

"Where you going?" I ask, my voice is back I guess.

"MTV Movie Awards!"

"No, seriously?" I laugh.

"I'm serious," he tilts his head.

"Holy shit! That's amazing! Have fun," I stop laughing.

"I could bring you if you wanted. As a friend, of course," he assures me.

"I couldn't, I have nothing to wear!"

"We'll figure something out, come on!" Cody takes my hand.

We drive to a store and I start looking at dresses. Some of these are really long. Come on, I'm 5'3! I find one dress that's high-low and has a collar. Only 30 bucks too.

"This and I'm wearing my converse. Screw it," I tell Cody and he laughs.

I look down for a second to grab my wallet. Of course, Cody's paying. He looks at my face and laughs.

"Cute couple," the lady say. We both laugh.

"Please," he gets the change, "she's my sister."

"Oh, I apologize!"

"It's fine," I assure her. "Cody what time is the event?"

"Three, why?"

"Mind if I change in back?" I ask the lady. It's 2:30.