SCP-173: Containment Breach [Fan Fiction] Chapter 1


       "Good afternoon gentlemen. As you have heard you have been hired to clean the containment cell of SCP-173," Dr. Robertson said said shaking my, and the other men's hands, "I think you know this already but in case you don't, here is some very important information: it is extremely dangerous." He glanced down at a red folder filled with papers and proceeded to speak, "There are three simple things you must do while in the cell with it: 1. Never lose eye contact with it. If you maintain eye contact it cannot move. 2. Always alert one another before before blinking. and 3. Maintain a distance from it. No reports of attacks at close range have been reported, but this for your protection. Any questions?"

       The room was silent but tense. I knew I wasn't the only one who was kinda freaked out by this. "Okay gentlemen, your task force leader is... Mr. Redfield." Dr. Robinson said. I looked up, slightly stunned. I stuttered, "W-wait... Why am I the leader? I can't lead crap. Th-this is my first time here, can't you get Johnson to do this?" They looked at me with an annoyed look. "Zak, calm down, the job isn't that hard," Johnson said chuckling. Johnson had been apart of the SCP Foundation for 4 years, "if ya want i'll hold your hand on the way in so your not scared, okay?" There were slight chuckles. Dr. Robertson lead us down hallways, always passing different SCP's. As we walked down, Isaac, a friend of mine, stopped, and looked down a hallway. "Uh... Isaac, you okay?" I asked. He slowly raised his hand and pointed. 

       I looked down and saw a girl standing at the end of the hallway, with her arm inside a hanging photo on the wall. She appeared to be a Caucasian, had blond hair, was about 5 feet tall, and was holding a Polaroid camera. I stared in amazement as she rearranged everything inside the photo. I grabbed Isaac by the arm and started walking speedily down the hall. He started stuttering words that didn't sound like English. By the time we caught up with the group, they were opening the door to SCP-173's cell. "Redfield! Jefferson!" Johnson tossed me and Isaac a Hazard suit. "Put these on, they'll keep the "mess" off of you." He said zipping up his suit. We put on our suits and headed to the lower floor.

       "Okay gentlemen, remember what Dr. Robertson told you, and please be careful." A security guard said, opening the cell doors on the computer. At first I thought this was some kind of joke. In the left corner of the room was  5 1/2 foot all concrete statue covered in spray paint. It looked fake, but for some reason, I knew it was alive. We never lost eye contact with it. Every so often we'd warn each other when we had to blink. When cleaned up all the waste, which was filled with blood and feces, Johnson requested the door to be opened. The door started to open, then suddenly stopped halfway through. "Uh... What's going on up there Dr. Robertson? Open the door please!" I said starting to panic. The lights started to flicker, then they went out.

       There was loud Crack! The lights suddenly flashed back on, and the statue was face to face with me. Startled I screamed and fell back. The doors slid opened and security ran into the room. One of them lifted me up and dragged me out of the cell. I looked into the cell, then Johnson's unmoving body. "Wh... What's wrong with Johnson?" I asked, feeling lightheaded. Isaac looked at me, pale faced, "That thing... It... It snapped his neck." He said in a low tone. I felt nauseous. My head started spinning and everything started to slowly turn black.  Next thing I knew I heard people running and shouting my name.

       I woke up in what looked like a hospital bed. I glanced around to check out the scenery. There wasn't much besides a leather chair, an IV, a heartbeat monitor, and a few pictures on the wall. I heard the door slowly open. I glanced down and saw the same blond girl who had her arm in the picture before we went to the cell. She walked over to the bedside and the bedside, looked at the heartbeat monitor, then at me. She had a big smile and bright blue eyes. I adjusted the IV and managed to choke out, "Who... Are you?" She placed a finger on my lips and whispered, "I'm SCP-105, but I go by Iris." I gave her a groggy, puzzled look. How could she be an SCP? She didn't have any out-of-the-ordinary features. "I can't tell you what I can do, if I do I could lose my privileges of roaming the facility." She said fiddling with her camera.

       I felt dizzy and my vision started to fade in and out. Iris adjusted my IV, gave me a little smile, and left the room. I heard footsteps and yelling outside my door. I only made out the part of what sounded like Dr. Robertson's voice, "... The guards. They must be on full guard about this situation. Tell them the search for SCP-173 has begun..."

[End Of Chapter 1]

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