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Two Bodies: One Soul



Sollara flicked her eyes to Josiah. A faint trace of pink seemed to tint his cheeks, which was weird for a SOD. Pheobe’s comment must have really upset him. The incident with Laora wasn’t behind him and worse Phoebe was going to use his pain to help their cause. Poor guy. Sollara wished there was something she could do to make him feel at ease so she offered him a crooked smile.  Josiah returned the smile and warily nodded over to Hannah. It took Sollara a moment to realize he was worried that Hannah might not want him to come with them.

“Hannah, can Josiah come? We could use his help?” Sollara asked.

Hannah took a step back and fidgeted with her hair, she had a good understanding of the situation, of what Sollara was implying. Hannah nodded and forced a smile.

With a flick of the wrist Phoebe gained the attention of the group again. "Good, then, it’s settled.We’ll pack and head out immediately. Your training will continue during our travels."

Sollara tried to contain her breathing. Phoebe had really made her mad today. What was she thinking releasing Laora? And then expecting everyone to be happy about it! Everything within her wanted to stand her ground and fight back. But fighting never solved anything, she’d learned that all too well from Sugoi and Mari. She’d suffer in silence. What was there left for her to do? All she had left was hope: hope that Phoebe was right. That Laora would bring them to Mari.



…Being in her dorm room felt strange after what had happened that morning. Sollara almost lost Kai to Laora and worse she’d almost returned to the Deep Kingdom. Well, she did return to the Deep Kingdom and the memories of that time were beginning to resurface. What had happened? Sollara could feel her heart beat quicken and slam against her ribs. Maybe she should have asked Kai to come with her to her room to pack. Having him there would have given her the distraction she needed. But now, in the silence of the room she was attacked by her worst fears. Was her reality there or here? Both felt so real.

She needed to calm herself down so she walked with quick and determined steps to her dresser. Sollara slid open the drawer and slipped her hand into the back, searching for the sacred book of Prophesy. Nothing. She pulled out the drawer dumping its contents on the ground. Maybe someone had moved it? Had Phoebe been in her room? She struggled to keep her composure as she continued ripping open drawers and flinging things out. It was nowhere. She ran shaking fingers through her hair. Where could it have gone? The things that book held... She tried to steady her breathing, sinking onto the bed. Something slid into her leg. It was a package wrapped in plain brown paper, twine twisting around the middle. She picked up the package and carefully unwrapped it. The sacred book lay beneath the paper. She ran her fingers over the smooth warm leather cover and instantly felt better. She wasn’t alone, the book would guide her. When they had more time she’d ask the book about her out of body experience.

Careful not to bend it, she re-wrapped it and stuck it at the bottom of her bag. Because of its size, the book left little other room in her bag. It pained her to have so many new clothes and have to be frugal with her choices. Now, though, was not the time to be concerned about clothes. They were going after Laora. It was time to be focused.

She flung her bag over her shoulder and made her way to their meeting place in the parking lot. Phoebe was already at the cars busy instructing Andrew, Iresh, Oya and Josiah on the proper way to pack the vehicles. As the boys were loading one of the coolers the top flapped open and Sollara caught sight of its contents. It was packed full with ice and blood. A shiver ran down her spine. The blood confusing her body and mind once more. Will she ever get used to craving it?

A gentle hand rested on her shoulder and she turned to see Coeus, Phoebe’s husband. “Here let me take that for you,” he smiled as he grabbed her bag.

Sollara hesitated to release it from her grasp. She didn’t want the sacred book of prophesy out of her sight again. “It’s alright, it’s not too heavy.”

He offered her a smile and with his hand on her shoulder guided her over to the group.

“Coeus, darling, I hate leaving without you,” Pheobe said as he approached.

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