Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Twenty

I’m in our dining area. It’s about eight, I think, in the morning.

I’m having a nice toast and black coffee.

Yah, my vacation with Philip, my fiancé is already over.

But I’m still on leave at work until tomorrow.

Ann already went to her work and there is James.

Good morning brother!

Good morning!

He started making his coffee.

How’s Ann? Have you talked to her?


So, is she okay?


Had she told you the name of the guy?

Nah. But brother, I thought of something.” It’s time to do my plan.

Well I’ve planned this while we, Philip and I, are travelling home. You know, I really want James and Ann to be together.

He sat on the chair beside me and stirs his coffee.

What’s that something?” he asked.

Ann loves someone who’s in love with another person and you love Roxanne who’s in love with her fiancé.


If the persons you two are in love with can’t love you back, why don’t you just be with each other and try to love--

Seriously?” he cut me off. He looked at me with big questioning eyes.

I nodded.

That’s crazy.

I don’t think that was a crazy idea. I actually think it will work.

Lauren, we’re just like siblings like us. I don’t think she can love me or vice versa.

Isn’t she attractive for you?

Ann is beautiful.

Okay, if you don’t really want maybe I could introduce her to my friend, Sam.

No, that was not better at all. We don’t know if that Sam is trustworthy.

He’s a friend of mine.

Lau, we know Ann. She is so fragile. Just a bit mishandle and she’ll break.

And so, I think you are the best person to handle her. And look James, I did not come up with that idea only to help or only for Ann. It’s also for you brother. So you could forget Rox.


In fact I bet there’s nothing to lose. Honestly, from the first time I’ve seen Ann and you together, I can see the chemistry.

It’s hard to play with love, let me just tell you sis.

Will you want to hurt her, brother?