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I never believed in the paranormal until my own experience nearly cost me my life. This is my story.... 

Me and my friends loved fooling around. We annoyed people, strangers and friends alike. But through it all we were well liked. Everyone knew we were just jokers, but one day we went too far. 

Me, Zack, Elliot and Mat went to this house one day that was inhabited my satonic worshipers. It was true, the evidence was there and all, but we were stupid and we entered the house anyhow. 

Almost immediately after walking into the house, a part of my head was screaming leave NOW. But I was religious and I clutched the tiny cross I always carried and continued. In hindsight I should've left the cross behind because I was subjected to the worst of the terror. 

We went to the top floor and found a pentagram drawn in blood on the floor (for those who don't know the pentagram is a sign of the devil) All of us felt threatened, but none more than me. So imagine my horror when my friend Mat, a cocky and impulsive kid began taunting the spirits there. 

"Satan has been defeated, God reigns supreme. Lord Satan is weak." Then a cold presence entered the room and I blacked out. When I awoke hours later, I saw all my friends slowly picking themselves off the floor. 

"Damn you Mat, you have brought him upon us" but Matt wasn't there. Cold laughter echoed through the house and a scream cut through the air. "MAT" we yelled and we then searched the house, finding him in the kitchen. A knife stained with his blood was impaled in his leg and a smooth slice was cut from joint to joint of his jaw. We grabbed him and ran. 

Matt was in the hospital for two months afterwards. We are still here but we never talk of that house anymore. Everytime we have so far, something bad has happened. I will be punished for this but I need to tell someone. I hope you never go into a satanic house like I did.

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