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Stranger: im a random person

You: heyyyyyyyyyyy

Stranger: hey :)

You: i like gummy likes gummy bears? is it you


Stranger: they aren't bad

You: i am sexuallly attracted to the red ones

You: hmmmm strawberry

Stranger: what else

You: sexually attracted to?

Stranger: men or woman

You: ducks, eggs, osama bin ladin and ellen before she was gay

Stranger: wow me too

You: oh and your ass of course!!!

Stranger: everyone loves that


Stranger: whats that

You: got any grapes?

Stranger: in my pants

Stranger: 2

Stranger: under a banana

You: waddle waddle

You: banana hey you like to play with them too? yay

Stranger: only my own

You: i'm more of a cocunut man

You: no uh don't be shy, you tell lies

Stranger: im an ass man

Stranger: and vaginas

Stranger: juicy, wet, slippery vaginas

You: you like ass and vaginas and the occational bananas

You: don't get in too deep, you'll slip

You: and you need insurance

Stranger: i get stuck in there

You: i don't cover that

You: you wana compare penaynay sizes? you know you want too

Stranger: not really

You: how big?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! telll me or do i threaten to banish you, to guantanomo bay

Stranger: im average i beleive

You: they play with penaynays all day

You: ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh baby!!!!!11

Stranger: what

You: i wanna go to guantanomo bay, they play with penaynays all day

You: you wanna join me?

Stranger: no im not gay

Your conversational partner has disconnected

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