Missing You (One Direction Fanfic)


Chapter 6

As Jord pulled into a car-parking space outside my flat, I hopped out and unlocked the door, Emma was inside frantically packing things into her suitcase, she seen me and squealed, “Laur, how exciting! Holidayss!” she hugged me and pointed to the table with my passport and toilietries on, “hurry back to Louis house babe, seems like you've got a lot of packing to do! I'll see you at the airport in a couple hours!”

I looked round my bedroom and picked up my hairbrush and make-up bag, everything else I bought new, yelled bye to Em and hopped back into the car and not even 10 minutes later we were zooming down the windy lane to the boys complex, all the boys wandered out and stared as I opened the boot to the car and about 20 bags fell out, they all helped bring the bags to Lou's bedroom,

“Laur, I asked you not to worry about the money, but not to make me bankrupt.” Louis laughed as Niall burst out laughing nearly dropping the bags!

“NIALL, watch out! Thats got Louis presents in them!” Oh shit did I just say that! I was saving them, to give them to him on the holiday!

“Presents, what presents Laur?”

“It's just something to say thankyou, shh lou, you'll get you'll first one in a sec, but dude come on I need to start packing!”

Louis dumped the bags I had in my hand onto the bed and covered my eyes,

I heard a few movements around the room and when Louis finally let go of covering my eyes and on the floor were 4 identical pink suitcase, they weren't just normal pink suitcases they had personalised writing on them, it read,

Lauren Cottrell and Louis Tomlinson

9th May 2012 <3<3

“AWWWWWWWWWWWH” I felt my eyes filling up with water,

“Lou, why are you doing this all for me, I feel so special right now, your so sweet, I don't deserve you.”

“Laur, your the best thing thats happened to me in a long time, I've been waiting for the right girl to come along and I feel that i've found her, I know we haven't even had a first date yet, but please be my girlfriend?”

“YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES, Lou words cant explain how happy I am right now, im dating a member of one direction, what next!”

With that, Lou helped me pack my suitcases, I pulled out his first present,

it consisted of a plain black box, he opened it to find a pair of bright blue and red striped limit edition Toms, he screamed,

“im guessing you like them then babe?!”

“like them? Laur I frickin love them” and with that he flipped his white toms off and placed them on, wow he looked good.

“and heres your second present” I leaned over and kissed his lips, our first proper kiss, well cheesy, his lips tasted so sweet and they were so soft,

I broke out and winked, I span round and continued packing,

“Lou, pick out a aeroplane outfit, its too hard for me, theres so much to choose from”

He picked out a jumpsuit and a pair of sandals, cute, my boyfriend has swag!

“Aeroplanes are abit cold tho aint they Lou?”

“the private jet has seat which convert into bed things, so I can spend six hours, cuddled into my girl getting to know everything I need to know about her!”

I was satisfied, this was going to be the best holiday of a lifetime, I could marry this boy, did I just say that? Oh my god!

“Suitcases” I scrambled through my checklist in my head

“Check” Louis shouted


“In Pauls reliable hands CHECK”


Louis screamed even louder this time, “a million percent checked”

“boyfriends hand”

“check” louis grabbed my hand and we bounded down the stairs,

me and Lou chanting, “We're all going on a summer holiday, wahey!”

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Harry Stylesas Himself
Louis Tomlinsonas Himself
Niall Horanas Himself
Liam Payneas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
@BooBearsBearas Harry's Girlfriend
@LaurTomlinsonxas Louis Girlfriend
@_Liv1Das Niall's Girlfriend
@Daisyyy_29xas Liam's Girlfriend
@OfficialSofia7as Zayn's Girlfriend
@Lilo_Luvin_as Lauren's Bestfriend Emma
Ed Sheeranas Jack, Emma's Boyfriend

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