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Hello Mr.Player


girl meets player{WATTY AWARDS)




ANOTHER NOTE: This IS an adventure. Not only will they go on a hugeee adventure later on, they are on an adventure to discover their love =D Aww<3 So corny LOOL!



I climbed out of my car swallowing and closing the door as i headed towards the school I moved from norway to here(South Carolina), and apparently i have to go to this school. This was just wonderful i thought scowling. I had my binder in my hands and everyones eyes followed me as i walked. My straight brown hair went to the middle of my back, my blue eyes assessed the area around me, as i breathed in looking down at my tight fitting shirt, and shorts, with converse, the outfit clung to my slim figure perfectly. I reached the doors and opened one walking in.

The people stopped staring as i strode by. The teachers saw me and nodded giving me a reassuring smile..

My chest tightened painfully as i remembered the smiles the teachers had given me when i left my school. They were so fake. They knew what happened to me and didn't know what to say so the faked a smile. I clutched the binder close to me and felt my pocket vibrate.

I slowly shifted my binder to my other hand and pulled out my cell phone to see a text. 'I Love You. I'm Sorry'. From Eric. My ex boyfriend. A tear escaped sliding down my cheek.

Someone ran into me and my stuff tumbled to the ground. Falling onto my knees i held back tears feeling so helpless. "Hey are you okay?" a masculine voice asked. I looked up and my eyes went wide just as his did.

"Kaylee?" he said quietly confused.

"Kad(Kaden).." I greeted another tear involuntarily slipping out.

"What are you doing h-" He was cut off by a shrill voice calling his name.

"Kadeeeeeeennnnn!!!" I looked up and saw a petite blond in a skirt and tight fitting shirt wrap her arms around him. "what are you doing over here with..." she looked down at me making a face. "that?"

Kad looked at the girl then at me and shrugged. "I don't know. she just like walked up to me dropping her stuff.. and then asked me to pick it up." I was totally outraged. He was acting like he didn't even know me!!!

"What.A.Loser" The girl separated the words looking at me. "Why don't you go run along freak?"

I let the tears fall shoving my cell in my pocket and picking up my binder. The Tears dropped onto the floor leaving tiny puddles. Giving one last look to Kad i ran away.


Walking into my classroom i glanced around my eyes landing on the teacher. "Hello Mrs.Willams" the teacher greeted me.

"Hello...." I whispered looking down at my feet.

"CLASS!!!" the male teacher bellowed."QUIET"

The class went silent and they all looked at us. He put his hand out for me to shake. I hesitantly did. "I am Mr.Zark"

I nodded and he said "Introduce yourself please"

I faced the class and murmured. "My name is Kaylee Willams I moved from norway, i love to play soccer, and volleyball." I said and breathed going to continue. looking around the room my eyes landed on Kad who was staring at me, his brown eyes watching my every move, his blond hair messy. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, but couldn't so i finished saying "I hope to get to know you all well"


"Very good Kaylee please sit down next to Allie" I looked around the room and saw a girl wave at me and motion me over. Silently i walked over and sat next to her.

Kad was right next to me across the small isle and was gazing at me intently. I ignored him and i felt my cell phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out of my pocket discretely and saw a text.

From: Kad (Kaden) Why was he set as Kad? because he was my best friend, and the cousin of my EX boyfriend.

I opened it and read it.

'Look im sorry about earlier i just panicked' it read.

I texted back slowly 'Okay. whatever.'

He looked at his cell phone and smiled texting me again. 'Do you want to walk to class together?'

A smile formed on my face. This was the Kad i knew. This was the nice Kad, the one who comforted me..

'Yeahh sounds good' i texted and shoved my cell in my pocket.

The whole class, Kad stared smiling at me. I would glance at him every few seconds making a weird face and sticking my tongue out and he would chuckle as i laughed quietly.

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Hello Mr.Player ch.1


Kellan Lutz as Eric
Megan Foxas Kaylee Willams
Mitch Hewer as Kaden Iron
Andy Sixxas Alexx
Sean Farisas Ian
Shane West as Elric
Hanna Bethas New Kaylee

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