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Love At First Sight


Head throbbing. Saliva dripping. I feel something hard. I opened my eyes and I saw my math book.

Oh crap! I crammed again!

As I peeked at my alarm clock, it was already 8:00am. I sprung out of my study table and into the bathroom. I took a shower and put on this: .  I grabbed my bag and I left my apartment. I was walking, almost running to Starbucks just to get coffee. As always. I entered the café and I was first in line.

“What will you order?” the lady at the counter said.

“Coffee please with two sugars” I said.

“Okay. That will be $4.”

I paid and I said my name. I heard my name and I immediately stood up, grabbed my coffee and I left Starbucks. I tried to run as fast and careful as I can but I bumped into someone. My coffee spilled all over my coat. Ugh! I hate it when this happens! But when I saw his face. It was a boy. A bit older than me I think. He was blonde with Mediterranean blue eyes.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed.

“No need to be sorry! I was in a hurry and I didn’t see where I was going.” I said. “I’m gonna go now. Bye!” I continued walking.

When I arrived at school, it was already 8:20. Oh my god. I’m super late. Then I saw my best friend, Ana outside the school just as tired as me. I guess she just arrived like me. I was very happy that she’s late too. I wouldn’t know what to do without her. I waved my arms like a crazy person. I approached her and I hugged her. She was wearing this:

“Haha! You’re late too Lucy? And what is that on your tee?

“Yeah. Oh. This? Its coffee.”

“How did coffee became attracted to your coat?” she asked laughing.

“I bumped to a boy and I spilled my coffee! And why are you laughing like a maniac? We are already late for school you know.” I exclaimed.

“Alright! Alright! Calm yo tits babe!” she said to me.

We entered our school and into our classroom. When I opened the door, I saw the same boy that I bumped into a while ago. He smiled at me but I turned away. The teacher was looking furious at us. Maybe for us being late. Again. She’ll rant her ass off as to why we are late.

“Ana, Lucy. Go to your seats. We have a new student and he’s about to introduce himself to us.” Mrs. Noriel, our homeroom teacher said to us.

We looked down and I sat down to my seat at the back and Ana sat on hers across the room. I pouted a little. I looked up as my teacher is preaching her super long introduction about the blue-eyed Blondie standing in front of the whole class. I suppose that he’s already tired by the stance he makes. Plus, the whole class was eager to listen and to know his name. We just wanna know his name for God sake! She was finally finished after 10 minutes.

“Okay class! This is Niall. Ni-“

“Niall Horan?! From One Direction?!” the top notch bitch in our class, Clyde shouted.

Clyde and I were best friends back then when we were in first grade. I don’t know why we fell apart. Guess she already grew up and left me in the dust. I met Ana when we were in the fifth grade. She had been my best friend ever since.

“Miss Clyde! Shush! Yes he is from this band called… What’s it called again?” Mrs Noriel asked.

“It called One Direction ma’am” Niall said with his Irish accent.

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