Missing You (One Direction Fanfic)


Chapter One

“ooh, this is cute”, Emma my bestfriend says, twirling around in a long white maxi dress, “I've never seen you wear this before, have you even worn it Laur? “ I sighed, looked at the dress and all the memories came flooding back, I explained to Em, “Just over a year ago, Luke bought that dress whilst we were on holiday in the South of France, I loved everything about it, the silky feeling, the belt going across the middle, I had the whole outfit planned out, sandals, clutch bag the whole shabang, remember I told you this story Em? When I came home without him? Yeah that was why? He proposed to me ok, I said no and he broke up with me.” 

Emma dropped the dress on the floor and wrapped her arms round me, “Laur, your beautiful darling, any man would kill to have their hands on you, I certainly would.” Emma winked and picked the dress pack up, she scrambled through the wardrobe again, this time she pulled out a short dark purple dress,

“OH MY GOD WEAR THIS WITH YOUR BLACK PLATFORMS” she squealed and jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas! It was a typical night out on the London Town but we always dressed up nicely, never know who you might meet! I pulled the dress over my head and slipped my feet into the black suede platform boots, pulled out a black necklace from the other 400 I had in my jewellery box, perfect, I straightened my hair and slapped on the make-up, just as I span round to tell Em I was finished; she walked out the bathroom looking absolutely gorgeous! She had a stripey black and white dress with black shoes, she's lucky her boyfriends going to be there tonight! http://www.polyvore.com/emmas_nightclub_dress/set?id=48404667

We stepped outside and the winter chills made me and Emma huddle together, we grabbed a taxi and arrived at the nightclub at 9pm, me and Emma were both models and were well known and we're allowed to skip the long line and go straight into the VIP area, we grabbed a tequila shot and took to the dancefloor, I span Emma round and she span me, as I was spinning I noticed 5 boys laughing and joking on the red and black couch, I whispered into Emma's ear, “Guess who I can see” she span round and screamed as she started walking towards him, I say walking, it was more running, Em ran up to her boyfriend Jack and kissed him, “ew, get a room guys” me and Jack's friend said at the same time,”SNAP” he high fived me, and held out his hand “Im Louis, nice to meet you pretty lady.”

Too see what some of the girls outfits would have looked like go to the links below:

Lukes Dress -http://www.polyvore.com/lukes_dress/set?id=48400520

Laurens Dress -http://www.polyvore.com/laurens_london_nightclub_outfit/set?id=48401459

Emmas Dress - http://www.polyvore.com/emmas_nightclub_dress/set?id=48404667

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Harry Stylesas Himself
Louis Tomlinsonas Himself
Niall Horanas Himself
Liam Payneas Himself
Zayn Malikas Himself
@BooBearsBearas Harry's Girlfriend
@LaurTomlinsonxas Louis Girlfriend
@_Liv1Das Niall's Girlfriend
@Daisyyy_29xas Liam's Girlfriend
@OfficialSofia7as Zayn's Girlfriend
@Lilo_Luvin_as Lauren's Bestfriend Emma
Ed Sheeranas Jack, Emma's Boyfriend

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