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His Secret Half (A Werewolf Romance)


chapter 23



The plan was set. After school tomorrow, Lexi will be dead. No one will know I was behind it, it will just look like her daddy did. It was a shocker that I actually came up with a plan as good as this. I may have the looks of a goddess, but I am not smart.

I was already tired, it was only early at night. If that makes sense. It was around nine at dark. I was tired from running around all day and making sure the plan is ready and set. I couldn't wait until it happens. Ryan will be so devastated, but then will realize who his real lover is, and mate me. Completing to bond between us would be the best thing in the world. It'd be easier too. I'm already a wolf. Technically I'm doing Lexi a favor. She would be in a lot of pain if she had to go through the wolf change. She'd be in more pain with turning into a wolf then her father killing her.

Ryan and I will be together. And once we mate... I can picture it now, his sweaty abs against my chest, his hair damp, and fucking eachother so much that we will have seven kids. I don't want kids though. Too much effort and too much to handle. It's better for me to think about this and not have kids, then to have kids and wreck their lives. But if Ryan wants kids, I will give him some. Though I would have to hire a nanny to do everything for me. Ryan can be the one to teach them all they had to about being a wolf.

I just realized that me mating to Ryan, would be me becoming the female Alpha. That's apparently a huge responsibility, but who cares. It's me and him. That's all that matters. Lexi will be out of his life and end all his misery. He will get over her at some point.

We were all in the living room. Even me. I hated looking at them all. Courtney and her lover, Eric. Justin and his lover, Amy. Ryan and his soon-to-be-dead lover, Lexi. Does a lover mean that they've had sex? I know Ryan and Lexi havn't. He would have claimed her. It's kind of nice to know that he is a virgin. I'm obviously not, but at least he's faithful and saved it for his mate. I lost my virginity at thirteen.

The guy I lost it to was sixteen. No, I'm not being a whore, but he was hot. He told me really sweet things, and we had a connection. I don't remember his name though. He was human, which meant that if a werewolf had done it to me, it'd hurt more. The males are... Bigger then normal humans. It did hurt though. I was only thirteen, if I was sixteen it'd still hurt, just not as bad. I lost it in a romantic place called the bathroom stall. Awkward I know. But it was nice, I wonder if anyone heard my screams. I hope not, that'd be awkward.

"Emily what are you smiling at?" Courtney asked, everyone looking at me. I wassn't smiling at my memory of being thirteen, I was smiling at the thought of Ryan. How Lexi will be gone, and I will have him.

Snapping out of my trance, I smirked. "I'm not too sure. I'm tired, I'm going to sleep..." I fake yawned and head upstairs.

"Let's hope she actually sleeps this time..." I heard the voice of Eric. I wanted to steal a shoe and whip it at him. I couldn't though. It'd be suspicious and Ryan wouldn't like me to kill his best friend.

I made my way to my bed, not bothering to take off my makeup. It's really dark today, so tomorrow it will be smudged and look better.


I woke up early to go see Sicarria. She and I were going to skip school and talk to Ronnie, go through the steps and then watch poor little Lexi get torn to pieces. Or bleed to death, either one. It's not really a bad thing to me. I've killed people before with Sicarria. I wassn't human, and I didn't know them. I was wolf. But Lexi I do know, it's going to be so hard to see her leave. Yeah right. I can't wait until she's gone...

Ryan is going to have to let her go in the woods to get home, by herself. It's sorta a forest, but not really. I mean, yes. It is a huge ass forest, but there is a pathway/sidewalk thing in it. That's how we get home usually. Unless someone takes the car, but we prefer it this way. It's going to be hard to convince Ryan to leave Lexi to go off on her own. The killings is getting him on edge. He shouldn't worry, I'm the one killing. He and everyone else doesn't know that yet. Except for Sicarria since she does it with me.

This day is going to be perfect. I have the perfect plan.


Surprisingly, the day went pretty fast. I hated going to school because I wassn't much for talking. Who I liked to talk to was only the 'pack'. That was it. Other people I didn't really bother to care about. One name popped into my mind. Sam. I havn't spoken to him in a long time. Two months or more. Ryan was jealous and sensed something off about him. I doubted that though, Sam is human and wouldn't harm anyone. I wonder if he remembers me. It doesn't matter, I should see him. Ryan would be mad. Usually people would complain and say that the boyfriend or girlfriend shouldn't tell you who and who not to hang out with, but at this point I didn't care. I didn't really want to talk to him right now. Maybe at some other time. But not now. I only want to talk to the pack. Even Emily, but I tend to stay away from her. She sort of scares me.

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