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The Wild Ones


Kyle woke up to the sound of… silence. His eyes flickered open and he pushed himself up to find himself in his room. Groggily cracking his joints, he flinched at the sudden pain in his shoulder.

“WHAT THE HELL?” He yelled.

Butler La Fayette rushed in immediately and Kyle pointed at the bloody bandage on his shoulder.

“Where’d I get this from?” Kyle couldn’t remember shit from last night. There he was rushing to go find Emily who somehow got kidnapped, and he found her injured. She was injured. The butler seemed to read his mind as he calmly said, “Miss. Emily’s injuries were minor and had gone back home under my care, sir.”

Although he felt a rush of relief he was puzzled at how they were minor. What exactly happened? I ran to the terminal and found her all injured. There’s no way she can be fine! Then I knocked several out and was about to get to Jackson when—when what? Emily. She woke up. But then--Kyle tried to remember what happened and pounded his head. What in the world happened? One thing for sure, it’s got to do something with Emily.

“Old man, what time is it?”

Butler La Fayette pulled out his watch and checked the time. “A little after 2:30 young master.”

Just in time for lunch. Kyle jumped off his bed ignoring the stinging pain in his shoulder and legs and headed to the showers. “Get my uniform ready, and prepare my protein shake.”

The butler gave a small bow before exiting the room and Kyle entered the giant washroom heading straight towards the shower cell. Usually he went to the Jacuzzi first, but right now he had to hurry up. Yet once he got in, he slowed down and thought about what was going on. Showers were after all, the perfect time for a brooding session. When he was done, he got ready to brush his teeth when he noticed the dark purple and green bruise. Holy shit! My perfect face! Kyle desperately used water to attempt washing off the stain on his usually flawless face but ended up making it worse.

“God damn it!” Of course this wouldn’t work. Whoever did this to my face, I’m going to fucking kill him. But after thinking about it for a while, he decided it was alright. Makes me even more of a bad ass. He snickered to himself and walked out of the bathroom.

Emily was in the middle of painting the kissing booth a bright red color when someone prodded her on the shoulder.

“Emily, what are you doing?”

She jolted up and looked at where Emmett was pointing at.

Oh God. She was painting mid-air and paint was dripping down on to the cement instead of the booth.

Emmett gave her a pitiful look before gently saying, “Do you want to take a break for a while? You’ve been here since 5:45 and you don’t look like you got much sleep.”

Emily gave a smile. “Thanks, but I’ll pass. We need to get this done by Tuesday.”

Emmett gave her a nod before adding, “Well, let me know and I’ll send someone over!”

Emily gave an appreciative nod before resuming painting. This time, the booth. She stifled a yawn and rapidly painted, only to end up falling asleep again. After knocking out Kyle, she had hastily picked him up and left. The worst parts about fights were the cleaning up after all. It was too much of a hassle to deal with the police now, so she left the bodies up to the gangsters who’d probably come back. She somehow managed to take Kyle back to his house and gratefully, the Butler didn’t question her lack of clothing or the obvious injuries and instead immediately started treating them. After, she got a ride back home from him and slept for an hour before getting ready to leave school. And of course she had one more matter to take care of, after all just one punch won’t make him forget what happened last night forever.

“Kyle!” Emily joggled up at the sound of some girl’s shriek. Turning around, sure enough Kyle was heading towards her. It’s okay. I got this.

Kyle found her crouching next to a half painted piece of wood falling asleep. He walked quickly up to her ignoring Naomi’s startling shriek when he suddenly stopped. His vision turned hazy as he flashed back to scenes of last night. That’s right.

He ran towards her as he pictured her skilled fighting abilities, the way she easily knocked down huge men, how she held the gun, and yes. The tattoo.

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He's a Bad Ass and She's a Bad Liar


Kaya Scodelarioas Emily Schubert
Adam Gregoryas Kyle Duncan
Jim Broadbentas Mr. Henderson
Dianna Agronas Naomi Campbell
Alexander Ludwigas Emmett Lincoln
Dev Patelas Charlie Kapyur
Colton Haynes as Brent O' Connolly
Sarah Hylandas Candace Jenkins
Dylan O' Brienas Maddox Herring
Alex Pettyferas David Maxwell
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