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Blind To The Facts


Charles Lovelace- Idris Elba

Janet Lovelace(Mrs.Lovelace; I don't think I've ever told yall her real name)- Vanessa Williams

Andrew Mitchell (Mr.Mitchell)- George Clooney

Jackie Mitchell-Lena Olin

Viola Mitchell(Malachi's Mother)- Elizabeth Taylor (when she was around 40ish)

Sam Hedley(Malachi's Aunt)- Joanna Lumley

Harriet Legend(Malachi's Aunt)- Emma Thompson


"No. No don't move." Piper whined tightening her hold around my waist.  We were laying like this for a while. I smiled, I must be crushing her. I was still inside her, flaccid, and I didn't think she wanted me to pull out of her.

"Let's stay like this." Her breath danced by my ear. She moved my matted hair from my forehead and kissed it.

"Piper, I'm crushing you." I bit down gently on her lip. She groaned.

"Pish Posh." She laughed," You feel good."

I laughed and pulled out and flipped on the side of her. Before she had time to react, I pulled her on top of me. She whimpered and laid her head on my chest resting at the crook of my neck.

"Why did you move?" She spoke.

"I didn't wanna suffocate my wife." I replied wrapping my arms around her, feeling her heartbeat.

"I wasn't gonna die." She kissed my chest and turned her head back to the side.

"Liar, you definitely were, you're chest was gonna collapse." I joked.

"Malachi you are a drama queen.. king?" She replied.

"King..Definitely king." I laughed.

"What time is it?" She peeked over and looked at the alarm clock on my side of the bed. She basically just wasted her time, because I never even set that clock.

"Oh Malachi, that's why you are always late!" She scolded as she sat up and crawled to her side, to check the time. We she laid was suddenly cold, partly do to our sweat-drenched bodies.

"4:37am" She groaned," Malachi you kept me up again! You know we have to be at the airport to pick up your aunts at 8am and the church at 11am!"

"I didn't hear you complaining just a few minutes earlier." I replied cockily, reaching over to rub her thigh, tugging at it slightly. I wanted her back closer to me.

She slapped my hand away," No more sex, we have to sleep. We have company upstairs too." She was right, we did have a house full with her friends and our parents.

I grabbed at her thigh again, this time pulling it towards me, making her come with it. She giggled and happily obliged.

I pulled her back on top of me," Fine, I made you scream enough tonight." I felt her pull the covers up to her neck.

"Goodnight baby." She answered quietly.

"Goodnight. See you in four hours, wait no like three." I joked.

"Shut up." She shifted her weight on me, and groaned.


It was the most nerve-racking thing, waiting on Malachi's aunts. What if they didn't like me? What if they didn't like the babies? What if they didn't like Malachi?

"Malachi, this was a bad idea, let's leave." I spoke turning around. A camera flashed in my face.

"Can you chill with the damn cameras? My children are right here!" I snapped. This wasn't going so well, this was horrible.

"Baby its fine, don't worry. Relax!" He smiled pulling me back to his side and rubbed my tensed shoulders," Everything is gonna be just fine. See the babies are relaxed."

I gave him a dumb look," What if they don't wanna be here?"

"Then they wouldn't of agreed to fly down here." He looked up to where they should be coming from.

I relaxed again and knelt down to fix the twins' bibs. They drooled so much! I stood up and straighted my own clothes, then turned to Malachi to fix him up.

"We look fine- look there they are!" He smiled.

I got that feeling again, bubble guts. That diarrhea feeling, like you're about to blow up any second, yea that feeling.

I groaned and turned around to see older blond haired ladies coming down the escalators, smiling. They were so beautiful! And they looked nothing like Malachi's mom. She was brown-haired, and they.. well they weren't! The resemblance between the two was uncanny. I mean, don't get me wrong, Malachi's mom was beyond beautiful, I just expected them all to look alike.

My thoughts halted as they came closer.

I heard my heart in my ears, oh my god. Malachi gave my hand a reassuring squeeze, and I half smiled.

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