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Lost In Paradise


            I woke p with the feeling of being constricted.  I tried moving around to get away, but the grip on me grew tighter and I was still really weak. I stopped struggling and then realized that I was pressed tightly against a body that seemed to be radiating heat. I felt good being in strong arms and I felt protected, that is until I sensed this person’s true personality. Hands moved down my back pressing me closer to the person, and they found their way to my butt. When they squeezed around it I yelped in surprise and anger.

            I heard chuckling and the chest I was pressed to vibrated. “Wow you really have a nice body.”

            I looked up to gold eyes and hissed. “Get the f*ck off of me you idiot!”

            “Aww you don’t have to be so mean!” He leaned into my ear and whispered, “If you do what I say I’ll let you go.”

            I thought about it for a little, knowing what he probably had in mind. Against all common sense I took my chances because I felt totally crappy, and this has never ever happened to me before. I sighed and looked up into his eyes. “What do you have in mind you little perverted freak of nature?”

            He frowned at me, but it turned into an evil grin. He rolled over quickly and pinned me to the ground with my hands pinned above my head. I couldn’t move, and this was just plain unfair! He leaned down close to my ear and whispered, “You owe me a lot. How are you going to pay me back?’

            “I don’t owe you sh*t!” I snarled.

            He smirked and his gold eyes darkened with rage and excitement. His grip on my wrist tightened and I actually whimpered. “Watch who you’re talking to! You are in no position to be speaking to me with such rudeness! You should be grateful!”

            “And why would I be grateful of a mutt like you!”

            His grip got even tighter, and I yelped as he gave a painful squeeze. Wait how could some one like him be able to cause me pain? It doesn’t make any sense at all! “Shut up for once in your life!” I stopped talking and just glared at him. He smirked and then blew air down my neck making me shiver. “You owe me a lot Lioness. After you fell I was the one that patched you right up. Then I saved your life, you almost died and let me tell you that you said some crazy sh*t!” He chuckled and I growled at him. “So you owe me. How do you suppose you’re going to do that? Hmmmm?” I stayed silent and then a very terrifying emotion crossed his face. “I know,” he whispered huskily. “Why don’t you repay me with your body?”

            My eyes went wide, but when I opened my mouth to speak his lips crashed down on mine roughly. He kissed me hungrily as if he would die with out my touch. I was so weak that I couldn’t do anything, and he smiled against my lips when I finally gave up. I kissed him back wanting to get this over it, and again something shocked through me. My body began to heat up and as if on cue he pressed his bare chest  closer to me so that my skin was touching his.

            He licked the bottom of my lip, but I didn’t let him in yet again. He got frustrated and forcefully slid his tongue in my mouth. I kissed him roughly back trying to satisfy him quicker so that he would leave me alone. It only made him hungrier and his tongue danced over mine obviously wanting to be in the lead. I let a moan escape my lips, and when it did his hands released my sore wrists. I thought he was satisfied, but he wasn’t. His hands found their way to my torso and he rubbed them across my way to sensitive skin. I gasped at the heat it was causing me and I couldn’t even move.

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