The Prince of Xicheng


Who knew if I was important?

I always thought I was a bane,

For me you meant everything,

Because you were my world.


You were always ignorant;

I was always so lame,

Baby, you were so mean,

Why had you only seen me blurred?


You helped me see the light,

You taught me how to love,

This heart was caught in the flow,

That's why here I am now, crying.


I didn't even know what was right,

I just knew I was once your love,

Then, I realized I was now so low.

I never noticed I was shattered now.


I wanted to feel that unconditional love,

The thing I had always crave for.

It was some sort of thing so crucial,

A thing that was extremely special.


Now there's nothing but hate

I knew it was just a shame

I wasn't the thing I always thought

It was just so very and far different


But why was I here now in front of you?

Begging you to come back and love me?

Why was I so stupid and so reckless?

Why was I doing such these damn mess?


This stupid and foolish heart

Every thing was so hard

It did not make me at ease

Nevertheless, I wanted you again for least


I wanted to be with you

But my whim was there

I didn't want to feel pain

My mind was telling me


Since you were going to hurt me again

You would be letting me shed a tear

You would make me suffer again,

But I still want you back then


No matter the pain I have to endure

The number of tears falling

Even there's a trap I would be lure

For you, I'll try not to stop dreaming.


You would be mine, one day.

You would be beside me at bay.

It's because I would pursue you

And the reason was I love you


A/N: Thanks for reading! In fact I don't know how it usually hurts to fall in love with someone who never did the same towards you.  I am a bit curious, what it feels to fall in love but however I hate falling in love. I want to be single for life but wants a family. It's so weird right?

Please guys tell me your reviews, and if you like it, kindly vote me! I would return the favor if I like your story! Why I created this? I has usually to do with my next story.



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The Poem


Zhang Junningas The Prince of Xicheng
Chen Hao/Niu Meng Mengas Wan Huan-yue

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