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Hey guys, so people have been extremely confused with the characters so i thought i would clear it up for ya.

Hailey McClain:

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Appearance: Long, dirty blonde hair. Greenish-gray eyes, 5'4 and slim.

Mate is Dante but dating Mason... for now.

Mason Morgan:

Age: 14

Grade: 8th

Appearance:Short light blonde hair, 6'0, blue eyes and muscular and in shape

Dating Hailey and doesn't know Dante is her mate.

Dante Saunders:

Age: 17


Appearance:Short, dark brown hair with caramel highlights. Dark eyes, 6'4 extremely muscular and fit.

Hailey's mate and just barley returned from europe where he fought against a rouge war.

Ryan (Havn't figured out a last name yet.)

Age: 17


Appearance:Shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes, 6'2 fit and slim with muscle.

Doesn't have a mate and fought with Dante agains the rouges.

Zeke (Still, no last name.)



Appearance:Short jet black hair, deep blue eyes, 6'3 with muscle and in shape.

Doesn't have a mate yet, this is due to change and very quiet; also fought against the rouges.

Lindsay Mecham:



Appearance: Shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes, 5'2 and slim

no mate and one of Hailey's best friends.

Jamie Levi:

Age: 13 (She's the youngest one, almost 14)


Appearance: Shoulder length light blonde hair, green eyes, 5'3 and slim

Doesn't have a mate and is one of Hailey's Best friends.

THERE YOU GOES!! Hope that helped, I know I can be a little confusing.

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