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Wake Up

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Ok, really quick chapter. Pretty much a filler chapter till I get a basic plot line. I made it longer like a year later so if you haven’t read the edited version, go read it. I need time to get a real idea and not just run off the very little inspiration I get from whatever song I’m currently listening to. I’m typing at the speed of light right now so good luck to me. *edit* Ok, the speed of light thing is true but stupid because I type one paragraph really fast and don’t do anything till the next day. In my defence, I’m tired, cold and have exams plus catch up too! It’s pretty hard. I’m making this up as I go along so here goes! Oh and Sierra is the girl who spoke last time. Thought I’d clarify.  Song and pictures are on the side! The pictures are of Sierra and the song is Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus! And the external link is what Sierra is wearing! Enjoy!






Sierra’s P.O.V



“Sky, please don’t...I’ll leave if you want. I’ll do anything, just please...” I trailed off not knowing what to say and how he would react when I said it.



You see, Skyler Mathews was my boyfriend. He was very jealous and very possessive! He does not react well to me telling him I was going move into my new apartment and my roommate was going to be my best friend, Blake, who he happened to be jealous of and hate a hell of a lot. So he decided to abuse me and leave me there, crying in a pool of my own blood.



I assumed it was my own fault then but what did I do now? I was going to leave his life since he obviously didn’t want me there. So why was he getting ready to beat me again...



“You act as if I’m trying to kill you. You brought it upon yourself, who told you to go whore around everywhere? I’m your boyfriend; you don’t seem to want to screw around with me so why should you be doing it with anyone else? Answer me, bitch!” He yelled and I just backed further away into my corner.



“I-I-I...” He cut me off.



“I-I-I what? I was too busy fucking people to care! What the fuck, Sierra? You think you can screw me over like that. I’ve done so much for you and all you ever do is fuck other people! You can never give a shit for anyone else, can you? Well, I’m not putting up with you anymore. You lived here for so long now, but you do shit all! Well, you know what, FUCK YOU SIERRA! FUCK YOU!” He screamed at me, as I wiped the tears that streamed my face with my sleeve.



“Sky, I never did anything...I was always faith-“I muttered but he stopped me, by slapping me.



I yelled out as my head came in contact with a metal heater close by the wall. I checked it and it came back red, obviously bleeding. I felt dizzy but managed to crawl back into my corner, shaking from fear. Just as I got into a small ball in the tiny space he allowed me to stay in, he yelled at me again and pulled a fistful of my hair. His deep, brown eyes bore into my hazel/green eyes, glaring at me, telling me I would obey him.



“Shut the fuck up when I’m speaking! Do you get that? I saved you from hell and you’ve done nothing for me. You think I’m going to let you get away with treating me like shit! I don’t fucking think so!” He yelled and banged my head into the wall.



I hissed in pain but he kept going. He then hit me several times. My face was covered in blood which drained down the side of my head. My hair had been mashed up together and had dried blood on it. My legs were covered in bruises too. 



 “Now stop crying and get out of my sight!” He yelled, pushing me back and walking off.



I didn’t know if I was meant to go to bed or not so instead I went to Stella, Sky’s sister. I knocked on her door after tugging on a hoodie, with great difficulty. She answered after a minute. She yawned and smiled until she got a good look at me. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

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wake me up, I'm living a nightmare...


Sierra Kusterbeckas Sierra Rei Rivers
Taylor Momsenas Scarlett Hunter
Andrew Biersackas Blake Andrew Hunter
Christofer Drew Ingle as Skylar Michael Mathews
Avril Lavigneas Stella Mathews
Shiloh Jolie-Pittas Lexi Rei Rivers

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