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Hey people, I just wanted to say Thank You to every person who is reading this I really appreciated YOU ARE THE BEST! So I finish talking. Here It is! Enjoy!

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When we were on our way to meet our friends, I noticed Ace was on deep thoughts. Last night she scared the shit out of me. She always has that nightmare about her mother dying. It was the worst day of her life. We were having her 13 birthday party on the park, and we were waiting for her parents to come with other things we needed. I felt helpless that night, I could only comfort her. That's the day I finally realize I loved her, seeing her cry like that woke something in me.

" We are here" I said to her. Her head snapped up to me, like she forgot I was even there. She always does that when she spaces out. I already got use to it, I guess.

"Ok" she said quietly, but then turn around to face with a serious face.

"Remember, no flirting, or anything else with other girls. You have to grow out of your habits of player"

"Ok, Ok. no flirting, got it." I said with my hands up in surrender.

"Good" Then she turned around to meet the guys who were waiting for us.

"So, who is this?" I heard Ace ask Jake pointing to a guy. I think he's name is Matthew or something, he is in the football team with me, but I never pay attention to him. I guess I didn't pay very much attention to the guys on the team. I should...

"I am Matthew, but you can call me Matt. What about you, beautiful?" he said with a flirting smile.

Bad move, Ace doen't like guys flirting with her. She finds it irritating that guys think just because we tell them they look pretty, beautiful or something they are going to like us. Well, at least that's her point of view.

Last guy who flirtated with her never talk to us again. I didn't bother me. I didn't even like him in first place. He was annoying as hell.

"I am None Of Your Business, but you can call me Your Nightmare." She snapped back at him with a hint of sarcasm.

Now I am enjoying this.

"I'm sorry? I just wanted to get to know you, babe. If you know what I mean."He said, by now every one of our friends were around us. They find it amusing when guys flirt with Ace. They know it will end bad.

But then he crossed the line. He grabbed her hand and brought her to him so they could be chest to chest. That did it. I was about to beat the crap out of him, when Jake put his hand on my chest to stop me. He was basically telling me she can get out of this by herself. I knew it was trues, I just don't like guys touching her.

" Yeah babe" she said then back off and kneed him where the sun doen't shine. Now we were having fun.

I smiled then pulled her to me and said " That's my girl" Then she looked up to me and smiled.

Yep, that's my girl and no one else's . Th girl I would give my life for. The girl I am in love with.

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And Enjoy!


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