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Yeah, I'm a Badass... So?

Dedicated to
Deandra Opoku (Happy B-Day!)

~*~ 2 years later ~*~

"Susie! Come on! Be ready in 10 minutes or we will leave without you!"

"Coming! Go on ahead!" I ran into the bathroom and looked for my chain. Once I found the heart-shaped locket, I placed it around neck.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my bike helmet and a quick apple. I ran out the door and into the garage. I waited as the door slowly lifted up. I then smiled as my black motorcycle came to view.

"This is going to be sweet..." I whispered under my breath as I walked up to the motorcycle.  I hopped on and interested the keys. It rumbled to life.

My 1st day of Senior Year. Let me fill you in on what has been going on.

1. Tyler and I are an Item. The locket, he gave it to me last year for Christmas.

2. I'm the beta of the pack.

3. I’m the only girl warrior in my pack. Because of my good looks, I'm what is known as the seducer.

 I pushed the gas button and was on my way. I was wearing tight black jeans that hugged my but, a strapless white blouse and my sneakers/

In less than 10 minutes, I was at school. I noticed people staring at me as if I had a gun. I took off my helmet and shook my head to make my hair looser. I got of my ride and placed the helmet on the butt pad thingy.

"Hey hot stuff," I looked up to see some hot jock smirking.

I winked at him and walked past him. What I saw in people's eyes where just what I wanted to see. Girls' were filled with jealousy. The envy showed off in their eyes. The boys' eye were filled with lust and want.

I made my way to the entrance when I saw my boys waiting for me. I went over to them and hugged each one of them. I kissed Tyler's cheek because he was my favorite.

"Hey! I want a kiss!" I looked over to see Skylar with a grumpy look on his face.  He looked like a toddler after you take away his toy and he gets pissed.

"Me too" I looked over and Jesse whined. I giggled slightly and kissed each one of them, on the cheek of course.

We started talking about the funny faces boys were giving me.

When the bell rang, we went off to class. I went to my locker first... have to get my schedule. I walked down the senior hallway in search for my locker. I stopped at locker 205. I tried to remember my locker combination.


I pulled the lock down and it opened. Perfect.

I got my schedule and closed my locker. I searched for my 1st period class.... Science with Mr. Omez in room 52.

"Room 52 huh?" I turned back and came face to face with brown eyes.

"Yeah, what's it to ya?"

"Nothing, just seeing if you wanted to have fun in the janitor’s closet." I stared at him wide opened. Really? I don't think so!

"No, I have a boyfriend and I'm sure you have one too."

"A girlfriend?"

"No, a boyfriend."

He chuckled slightly, “So, aren't you the new badass girl?"

"Yeah, I'm a badass... So?"

Before he could say anything, I left. I was going to have fun!


"Tyler!" I ran over To Tyler and wrapped my arms on this neck while he wrapped his arms around my waist.

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